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At Hair eRazor, Feeling is Believing

Today’s body grooming styles demand products designed especially for intimate hair removal. That’s why you need eRazor Intimate Hair Removal Products. Our dry shaving lube, SINsational, is a terrific multi-purpose product perfect for dry shaving, personal lubrication and sexual enhancement. What makes our lube so versatile?  It’s purity!  SINsational is 100% pure silicone oil,  pharmaceutical grade, with no unhealthy additives like parabens to irritate your skin.

Dry Shaving

A small application of our lube before shaving, and the Hair eRazor glides so smoothly over the skin, that even sensitive skins never have to suffer from irritation or ingrown hairs again.  Just rub into the skin after you are done, further softening your skin and leaving behind an attractive, inviting glow.

Athletic Lubricant

Athletes use SINsational to eliminate chaffing.  When applied before your workout, our pure lube reduces friction, eliminating the red scaly skin, associated with sweat and over rubbing.  Many athletes useSINsational after the shower too, putting a smooth finishing touch on a buffed bod.  Long lasting,  high performance and beautiful finish makes SINsational a must for every bag check!

Sex Lube and Massage Oil

SINsational’s versatility really performs in the bedroom. It stops vaginal dryness, gives a long lasting massage, and leaves the skin, soft and glowing.  All that and sheet friendly too!  And because it’s long lasting, you’ll never have to worry about your lube finishing before you do!  Get yours, and enjoy the convenience and economy of having an incredible lube that can do it all, all in one bottle.