Hair Removal Methods

Some Hair Removal Methods Are Not Safe or Even Effective. We Try To Dispel Some Of These Myths. Some are downright painful and some can damage your your wallet or much worse… irritate scar or discolor your skin permanently.

Unbiased medical news sources

Click the links below for real, unfiltered information published by unbiased, science-based, unimpeachable medical news sources:



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Some Hair Removal Scams

NEVER USE TALC: This last link is hugely important as talcum is now known to cause cancer and other serious medical problems especially in women. If the your shaver retailer recommends using talc -run dont walk.

Methods of hair removal and shaving

Multi_blade_wet_shavers_dont_work.jpgWet shaving
This is the the oldest method of removing unwanted hair is wet shaving and often a very painful process. Even today this means scraping the top layer of skin away with the shaved hairs. The disadvantage in doing it this way is that the blade cuts the tops off the skin surrounding the hair follicle and causes the telltale rash and lumps and bumps. Cutting hair this way can also produce very painful ingrown hairs and cause an unsightly and painful skin infection. The water in the shave lather can also cause the skin to swell and wrinkle as you will have seen if you stay in the bath or swimming pool too long. This makes it impossible for the shaver blades to cut as far down the hair shaft as possible. When the skin dries out, the follicle pulls back and exposes a length of unshaved hair shaft. So you never get a smooth shave and have to shave more often. So you can see that wet/dry shavers do not work too well at least for pubic shaving

Did you realise how much the wet blade shaver cartridges cost you?  Sure the “blade on a stick” shaver is cheap but their blades last only for 3-7 shaves and so new ones can cost you far more than a brand new rechargeable shaver which has self sharpening blades that last for about a year

Even with multi bladed shavers, these cut only as well as the leading blade and when this gets clogged or blunt the other blades simply do not work any more.  You have to buy another expensive cartridge which is exactly what the wet blade cartridge manufacturers want you to do.


hair-removal-cremes-and-powders-can-cause-a-burning-sensation.jpgDepilatory cremes and powders:
have the alkaline chemical calcium (or potassium) thiogycolate as the active ingredient, which is very caustic and can burn your skin especially if you are fair skinned. Click this to see what calcium thioglycolate can do to your skin. Commonly found in products like Nair and Veet, it works best on the “vellus” softer, peach fuzz type of hair, but not as well on the thick curly “terminal” hair in the pubic area and under the armpits. This chemical raises the PH balance of the skin and attacks the protein in the hair structure to dissolve it. It can also attack and damage the skin and cause allergic reactions, acne, discoloration and skin irritation. You would be ill advised to use this on sensitive skin around your bikini area. Also it is a poisonous chemical when ingested and not the best thing to have around with children present. The terrible smell of the active ingredients, is also a very unpleasant reality and not calculated to enhance any romance. Added to this is the fact that hair regrowth occurs in just 2 to 5 days Epilators: look similar to shavers but they just trap and pull out the hairs by the roots. Very painful! Annoyingly they also tend to miss a few hairs which means you have to repeat the process or you might have to get out a trimmer to mow down those elusive hairs. Not all hair types are suitable for removing with an epilator. Epilators cost about the same as electric shavers but do not manage to achieve even results


Either at home or having it done professionally is a good alternative but as with epilators, the pain of ripping out the hair by its roots and possible skin irritation does not make it a great alternative. The repeat visits to the beauty salon too, can also be a great cost disadvantage and time consuming. Males can find it difficult to get a salon that is comfortable with waxing the opposite sex.



Not_So_Funny_Laser.jpgLaser hair removal:
Would perhaps be the ultimate answer for unwanted hair growth were it not for the cost in the $1000’s depending on how many hairs need to be zapped. There is also the need to make multiple appointments to treat primary, secondary and tertiary hair growth and the process can be about as enjoyable as having little needles pricking the skin. Once again not all types of hair will respond to laser treatment. Laser treatment can also cause PERMANENT discoloration or hyperpigmentation of the skin.


noweedwhacker.jpgElectric shavers and razors:
If you usde a face shaver “south of the border” this i like using a weedwhacker. Electric shavers are the most frequently used for hair removal and they are the most cost effective and safest but a special foil is required for body shaving like the Hair eRazor. There are two basic types of shaver. A reciprocating shaver has the blades vibrating from side to side underneath a foil or cutter blades. The other type is a rotary type in which a circular blade or blades revolve underneath the foil. Both variations come in rechargeable or disposable battery form with the rechargeable version being an obvious better choice both from a cost perspective as well as convenience. However these ordinary face shavers are not meant for sensitive skin in the pubic areas which have much thinner skin and so they can cause razor burn and rash. Most face shavers have long slots or aggressively large holes in the foil to get at the hairs, but the downside is that it lets the blades get too close to the skin and shaver burn results as well as painful ingrown hairs which can become infected. The inexpensive answer for hair removal from sensitive skin? Our specially designed pubic shaver:



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