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Some people use the term shaver, razor and trimmer interchangeably.  The Hair eRazor is in fact a shaver that shaves away all stubble down to bare skin. The Bare It All Trimmer and Microtrimmer are, as their names suggest, “trimmers” and they trim all long hair down to stubble for removal by the shaver. A razor is a wet blade implement which scrapes away hair and sadly the skin or epidermis. This causes cuts and nicks, shaver burns, ingrown hairs and we do not recommend this method of hair removal.

Multi_blade_wet_shavers_dont_work.jpgThe illusion of the multi blade razors with so called ” comfort and hydrating strips” is just that – an illusion. You see, as the first blade gets blunt or clogged with hair and skin this prevents the other blades from cutting effectively, and often in as little as five shaves. The comfort strips don’t last even that long and are simply a marketing ploy to make you buy these hugely over priced wet shaving blades.

Tip: Always use FUJICELL rechargeable batteries either AA or AAA size for maximum battery life & power. Use these in your Bare It All trimmer or Microtrimmer or any other appliance. If you use junk batteries the trimmer blades cannot move fast enough and you will obviously get inferior trimming and hair removal results.
Advantage: These new Fujicell batteries save money as they recharge 1000 timescompared to other major brands like Duracell or Energizer which only recharge 100 – 500 times. If you use junk, low powered batteries you will not get the trimmers to perform as designed. The SCH 500F battery charger by Fujicell is USB & Mains powered. The latest in rapid battery chargers to keep your Fujicell batteries at peak power & with fast charge.

Tip: Always charge the Hair eRazor shaver with the switch in the OFF position for no longer than the recommended times or damage to the battery can result. Charge at 110 volts for no more than 12 hours or at 240 volts for 8 hours. The red LED charging light will illuminate while charging but will not go off or change color when the battery is fully charged.  Also charge using a surge protector to prevent damage to the circuitry. It is also recommended that you let the battery run down completely every 2 weeks or so before recharging.
Advantage: Overcharging and not following the directions for use will void your warranty.

Tip: In the event that the Bare It All trimmer does not turn on don’t worry. Check you have installed new Fujicell batteries with the correct polarity, as shown in the battery compartment. You should then slide the switch to “ON”and then tap the top of the blade assembly with your forefinger to unstick the blades. Then oil the blades in the teeth on each side, while the motor is still running. This sometimes happens because our warehouse is located in Southern Nevada, in the Mojave Desert. The weather can get extremely hot and this can dry the oil that is applied to blades and foils at the factory. The shaver oil has to be quite thin rather than like tractor grease, and so it can dry out with the passing of time.
Advantage: Proper cleaning under the blades by popping off the blade assembly brushing off hair residue and a drop of oil in the trimmer teeth it will give you smooth operation and extended product life.

Tip: If you are a buyer from outside the USA and require 3 pin plugs – check to see if your bathroom has a two flat pin shaver plug as many do. If not look at our universal travel adapter which works in over 150 countries & can be used for many appliances like travel irons, laptops and coffee makers as well as shavers
Advantage: You can connect your favorite appliances to mains power in most countries around the globe and this adapter also has valuable surge protection.

Tip: Always shave BEFORE washing and ensure the skin is completely dry and free from perspiration.
Advantage: When wet the skin swells, the hair shaft gets covered by the skin. Once the skin cells dry out and they contract, the hair shaft will reappear causing roughness and a poor shave. This is why wet shaving will never produce the smoothness that most people desire. The big names in cartridge wet shavers desperately try to conceal this fact.  They want you to shave more often, so you will have to buy more cartridges, more often, and at skyhigh prices.

Tip: Use pharmaceutical grade, 100% pure silicone oil SINSATION™ before shaving.
Advantage: It softens the hair before shaving and enables the shaver foil to glide over the skin and makes for a cleaner and smoother shave. You will find it costs about 50% less than the best silicone based alternatives. Some uninformed retailers of shavers will tell you to use baby powder or cornstarch. We strongly WARN against this as these powders can cause cancer and other very serious health problems especially for females. The corn starch alternatives can cause yeast infections in woman and urethral difficulties in men. NEVER use the water based personal lubricants for shaving as this swells the skin cells as shown above and stops you from getting the desired smooth skin.

Tip: Always unscrew the foil and clean your Hair eRazor shaver, under the blade rotor and under the foil and also trimmer heads after use. Place couple of drops of shaver oil or better still our SINSATION silicone lube, on the underside of the foil. Also oil the teeth of the trimmers while they are moving to keep them running freely and fast.
Advantage: Extends the life of the blades and foil. This step is so important we will give you a FREE sample of premium shaver oil for which our competitors will charge you plenty. If you do not clean out hair residue and oil the shaver and trimmers, by removing the foil and by popping off the blade assemblies on the trimmers and also removing foil placing a drop of oil on the underside, they will slow down and sometimes stop altogether, but not before premature wear has occurred.

Tip: With a generous application use our SINSATION silicone lube to lubricate your skin and the skin side of the eRazor foil as described above.
Advantage: Gentle to the skin. Our SINSATION silicone lube can be used to lubricate the shaver as well as soften your skin and hair and moisturize your skin. Other brands of shaver oil can cause a nasty rash if it gets on the skin. You don’t have this problem with our Sinsation which can also be used as a wonderful massage oil. The oil cleans off with a tissue or soap and water or it can be left to be absorbed by the skin. Excess oil on the shaver can also be easily wiped off with a tissue. Do not get oils and solvents on the plastic parts of the shavers and trimmers.

Tip: Always trim the hair to be removed, to a fine stubble, using a trimmer like the Bare It All and the Hair eRazor Microtrimmer.
Advantage: No foil shaver can cut long hairs that lie down next to the skin. It has to be short stubble length to make it stand up and away from the skin so the hair shaft can enter the foil and be cut. Gently move the shaver AGAINST the direction of hair growth and do not press down hard as this can damage the foil and cause skin injury. Rocking the convex foil of the Hair eRazor over the skin is also useful. The outer rings of the foil have elongated holes to catch and cut coarser hairs while the inner rings are for really sensitive areas with softer hair. Thus the angle of “attack” with the shaver is crucial. Fortunately the Hair eRazor has an adjustable head which can be angled to suit you.

Tip: Always use slow circular motions to best remove hair when shaving with a foil shaver.
Advantage: Get “Smooth as a blade” finish for your skin. Moving the shaver too fast or pressing down too hard will result in hair not being cut properly or as close as you would like and may result in damage to the foil and blades and maybe also your skin.

Tip: Stretch the skin to be shaved and shave against the direction of hair growth. Alternatively you can pinch up the skin into a fold and shave the hair with the shaver at a 90 degree angle.
Advantage: Ensures smooth, stubble free shave.

Tip: Like a pair of scissors the Hair eRazor shaver blades have to make good contact with the foil to cut the hairs cleanly. You may need to adjust the height of the eRazor blades to ensure proper contact with the foil and for optimal blade clearance. This easily done in seconds. The directions for this are shown below and also in the printed instructions in the shaver box.
Advantage: Extend the use of the long lasting titanium blades. Unscrew the foil on your Hair eRazor, you will see the black three blade rotor with a small adjustment screw in the center. With a flat blade screwdriver, like those used for working on eyeglasses, turn the screw to the right (clockwise) by half turns so that with the foil back on again, you can hear a slight hesitation when the shaver is turned on, and a swishing sound when it is turned off. This ” audio tuning” will be the correct height for optimal blade clearance. If you over raise the blades, this can cause premature blade and foil wear and it may stop the blades from revolving fast enough. In this case you can turn the adjustment screw to the left (counter clockwise) by half turns unto you get the desired scissor blades sound.

Tip: After approximately 8 – 12 months of use, replacement blades for all our shavers and trimmers may be necessary. This timeframe varies according to your hair texture and frequency of shaving. Please  order replacement blade kit with FREE SHIPPING, or request them by email and we can invoice you for payment to make it easy. You can pay with a credit card or by with a USPS money order.
Advantage: Easy ordering for replacement parts and batteries, chargers and adapters and we do not collect sales tax. The Hair eRazor titanium blades and foil must be replaced together, and we conveniently sell these as a set. The Hair eRazor Foil & Blades are discounted at $19.99 with a FREE vial of premium “shaver saver” oil which is for the shaver, NOT for applying to your skin.

Tip: Always wipe off the foil and blades each time you clean the shaver and trimmers using a clean tissue and rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. This will remove any bacteria that has built up.
Advantage: Helps to avoid any, bumps, skin irritation or infection.

Tip: Always keep shaver and trimmers dry and away from water and condensation especially when charging the shaver. Keep shaver and trimmer body free from solvents and oils which can damage them. Don’t not overcharge the shaver for longer than recommended and use a surge protector while charging. KEEP SHAVERS AND TRIMMERS AWAY FROM CHILDREN
Advantage:  Avoids damage to you and those you love and also to the shavers or trimmers.

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If you buy now we will sweeten the deal with 10% OFF your entire purchase! Just enter ACTNOW as the coupon code at check out. We will even throw in a FREE sample of SINsational lube ($4.95 value).

Hair eRazor- Best Pubic Shaver You Will Ever Use

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Hair eRazor- Best Pubic Shaver You Will Ever Use

erazor-fuzion-pubic-shaversThere are a lot of different shavers on the market that claim to be pubic shavers such as Gillettes Body Cruz, or Phillips Body Groomer.  These trimmers will leave you disappointed, if you want baby smooth skin, every day.  Most shavers touted as body shavers are trimmers with very low guards.  A guard is the plastic cover put on a trimmer to ensure not cutting the hair too short.  But even without a guard, the trimmed pubic area will still need the final step, to take the resulting stubble to the silky smooth skin.  The Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver was designed to do just this!  Our special foil blade system, pulls the hair beneath the foil, and cuts the hair below the foil.  And voila’, smooth skin in seconds, without irritation, ingrown hairs or cuts.  And if we may say, at $24.88 and free shipping, our shaver beats the competition by being the lowest priced pubic shaver, along with a 2 year guarantee.  The Hair eRazor personal shaver is truly the best pubic shaver. for the best price and  guarantee.


Sensuously yours,

Tina Makeup Diva

Hair eRazor is the Best Ball Shaver

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Hair eRazor  is the Best Ball Shaver
erazor fuzion personal shaver

Introducing the New eRazor Fuzion Personal Shaver


You are ready to take the plunge!  Your lover is dying to lick smooth baby soft balls like never before!  Just one problem, you’re afraid of cutting the family jewels.  The best and safest way to take care of shaving your balls is to use a rotary foil shaver, like the Hair eRazor. Our shaver gently coaxes ball hair under the foil head and cuts the hair underneath the foil.  The result is a smooth you won’t believe without the fear of ever cutting yourself! There is no more squatting to get the underside of the ball sack either.  Just pull the scrotum toward the body and let the Hair eRazor pubic shaver do it’s job.  And even if you can’t see past the sack to the taint, it’s no problem.  The Hair eRazor  personal shaver promises to never cut, pull or nick this very delicate skin.  All this for $24.88 and free shipping!  It’s a deal that can’t be beat!


Sensuously Yours,

Tina Makeup Diva


Hair eRazor Best Personal Shaver for Trans Genders

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Hair eRazor Best Personal Shaver for Trans Genders



Bravo Caitlyn!  It has been a long road to freedom for Caitlyn Jenner.  She has spent sixty five years impersonating Bruce Jenner, but her time has come to be free and embrace her purpose in this life.   And she is doing a great job increasing awareness for trans genders all across America. Trans genders from male to female always have issues with HAIR.  The Hair eRazor personal shaver can solve these problems.  From the pesky 5 o’clock shadow, to the genital area the Hair eRazor keeps the skin smooth and irritation free every day!  We know our Hair eRazor products will keep all trans genders feeling good about themselves from head to toe!

Sensuously Yours,

Tina Kolinas

Licensed Aesthetician



What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Arm Pits?

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What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Arm Pits?

The Best Way to get rid of Dark Pits is to use the Hair eRazor Personal Shaver

teenage-girl-shaving-armpits-300x2031.jpgDark arm pits are usually caused by a combination of very dark thick coarse under arm hair, and a darkening of under arm skin.  The darkening of the under arm  is often caused by excessive shaving and application of chemical  laden deodorants.  I suggest to my clients that the best way to lighten the under arm area is to follow this regime:

1.  Use the Hair eRazor Personal Shaver instead of a blade.  Traditional blades scrape the skin. This contributes to hyperpigmentation.  Also coarse hairs are more closely shaven with the Hair eRazor than any other razor.

2.  Try using a crystal rock for your deodorant needs.  This natural way to stop body odor is not quite as effective as the store bought item, but once again, the natural deodorant does not cause the skin under the arm to darken.

3.  At bed time, apply a lightening cream or lemon juice to the under arm  2 to three times per week to lighten the darkened area.

A few weeks of this consistent treatment will have you looking hot in sleeveless and less!!!!

Sensuously yours,




Experience the Best Wedding Night with Hair eRazor

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Don’t you want to have the best wedding night ever?  Then get Hair eRazor’s Wedding Night Kit!  This grouping brings together all the elements of romance, sensuality and giving, to make your wedding night the best ever.  The romantic rose petals set the stage for the best wedding night sex known to humans!  Light the romantic candles to light the way to the bottle of our Sinsational Massage Lube and give a fabulous body to body massage that tells your love that you want them to know that you really are one.  The two sleek Hair eRazor personal shavers await to allow the both of you to explore each other like never before.   The Sinsational lube lets you glide your shaver over every hill and valley of the body, exposing the beauty of the human body completely.  You are both so turned on you really do become one.  All this for only $99.99 and gift boxed for your convenience.  Sounds like the best way to spend your wedding night to me!

Sensuously yours,



The Best Electric Daisy Carnival Survival Guide

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The Best Electric Daisy Carnival Survival Guide


Complete Mangrooming Shaving Kit

Perfect for keeping you cool and dry at EDC! Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver’s Best Survival Guide for the 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival…..

This is hot off the press!  It’s hot in Vegas in June.  And Mother Nature has chosen not to disappoint the over 400,000 people expected to attend the heralded 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival. You could definitely call this Father’s Day weekend a real sizzler!  We put together a great list of things you will need to survive and enjoy one of the most peaceful gatherings held in the Sin City, the Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC.

  1. Water and lots of it!  Heat stroke is a drag and you could end up with a huge hospital bill.
  2. Cool Clothing:  This is usually not a problem since most people have very little on.
  3. Sun Screen:  Just in case you don’t make it back to your coffin before the sun comes up.
  4. Pace Yourself: It’s a long night, don’t make someone have to baby sit you.
  5. If you don’t drink a lot, don’t drink a lot.  You’ll probably puke on someone, and everyone will hate you forever.
  6. If you have a nice body please flaunt it, but if it’s not that great, can we suggest tastefully presented?
  7. Scantily dressed means no visible hair.  Get your Hair eRazor Personal Shaver out and get all areas baby smooth. Everyone loves to be touched and everyone wants to touch smooth hair free skin.
  8. Guys need a supply of Fresh Balls so your balls don’t sweat.
  9. Try bending over in your costume just to make sure you don’t gross someone out.
  10. Respect authority and show the world how peaceful people can be.

Sensuously yours,



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Best Groomsmen Gifts

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Best Groomsmen Gifts

Don’t you want to give your groomsmen the best gift ever? Hair eRazor personal shavers has you taken care of! One of the best groomsmen gifts is a personal manscaping kit from Hair eRazor. The great selection, of money saving groupings, let’s you match your mates up with a Hair eRazor pubic shaver kit that best reflects their personalities. If there is a sports man in the group we suggest our  Sports Shaver Kit.  For the type A personality that travels light, we recommend the streamlined Bare It All Kit, that fits into the smallest grooming bag.  You’ll be cheered for giving the best groomsman present  your friends and family have ever received. Enjoy the limelight!ultimate-mangrooming-shaving-kit1.png        

 pubictrimblue-150x1501.jpg                                    .

Lumbersexual Guys Still Need to Manscape

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Lumbersexual Guys Still Need to Manscape

What is a lumbersexual? It’s another trendy phrase, compliments of Hollywood, used to explain a look for men with beards, boots and flannel shirts. This look really looks much better on a fair haired gent, as dark haired dudes start to look a lot like the members of Isis with the look. At Hair eRazor our Hair eRazor Fuzion personal shaver can easily keep beard hair trimmed and neck hair lines sharp, two details that keep the Lumbersexual look from getting shabby.  Of course all men want to manscape, even Lumbersexuals, to express their own look “down there” too.  Women who love Lumbersexuals, love the contrast of the bearded face and the joy of a smooth scrotum wanting to be licked!  And that’s loved by every man!  So get the look and feel the love, with your Personal Pubic Hair Remover, HaireRazor.

Sensuously yours,


Pubic Hair Fashion Show

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Pubic Hair Fashion Show

preferred pubic hair style

Well, the results are in for the most loved style of pubic hair for 2015. An interesting graphic on the age and correlation of style most preferred, but as you can see, men of all ages love it bare!



First Vibrator Buying Guide

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First Vibrator Buying Guide

Hair eRazor pubic shaver and the Lelo Wand



Introducing a toy into the bedroom can be a really great way to intensify your experience with your partner, and even help build intimacy and trust. The first stop in sex toys is usually a vibrator.

Vibrators are fun, and having one can be very fulfilling for you and your partner. If this is your first time shopping for a vibrator, here are some tips for choosing:


Buy the Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver

Shaving your genitals is really a prerequisite to all dildos.  Hair just dulls the vibration and smoothness of the toy.

Research Online

Take your time go online.  Usually the idea of what a device can do turns you on!  You”ll know then, that it is probably a good place to start.

Ask Questions

If you have friends who you know use vibrators and you feel comfortable talking to them about your desires, then by all means, do so! Talking to a close friend can sometimes be easier than talking to a total stranger.

Start Small

Don’t believe the saying bigger is better!  It’s the right size for you.  Grow into a bigger size if you feel there is not enough of a smaller version.

Don’t Worry If Your First Choice Is a Miss

It’s important not to take the process of finding a vibrator too seriously. If your first choice isn’t for you, don’t be deterred. There are a plethora of options in the market so try again until you find something that suits you and your partner.

Sensuouly Yours,