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If you have read and followed our tips and hints section and other product information and if there is anything that we have not explained to your satisfaction PLEASE TELL US.

We may offer you a reward for any new and constructive comments about this web site that assists us to present information clearly & makes it the site easier for our customers to use. If you have suggestions for other products you might like – let us know in as much detail as possible. This will enable us to better help you and future Hair eRazor customers.



You can call us at (702) 900-0805, but you may find you’ll have to leave a voicemail message. We do not use call centers and have a small staff to answer phones. Most are involved in the prompt dispatch and shipment of orders. This is of the greatest importance.

We are “open” for business in all times zones all over the world, 7 days a week, so if you need to contact us email is the most efficient way to communicate.


You can also Meet the Team in our About Us section.



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