About Ingrown Pubic Hairs After Shaving

The current haute couture and fitness trends have led to an epidemic of ingrown pubic hairs. Grooming our pubic hair is a very personal choice. Do we really want to tame that unruly bush? People’s reaction to the topic range from… who cares !… just a little trim please… to I like that “clean virginal look”. Improper pubic hair grooming habits lead to ingrown pubic hairs. Shaving is the most common culprit but, improper waxing, tweezing and depilatory products can also cause ingrown pubic hairs.

Yes, I know if you’re going to wear a bikini or a speedo… something has to be done in the “bikini area”. Again some professions demand that the “bikini area” be maintained… body builders… models etc. Persons with dark, coarse… curly hair are prone to ingrown hairs. As you know, the pubic area is usually curlier and coarser than other areas. People of color are unusually susceptible to ingrown pubic hairs… and unforetunately ingrown hairs… period. An ingrown pubic hair is caused by a hair being cut too short… or it breaks off below the skin. The hair then begins to grow into the side of the follicle. It becomes that angry red bump you’re familiar with… an ingrown pubic hair. Now comes the part not for the faint at heart. The payoff is great, as we’ll then tell you how to avoid become one of these people:

Prevention Tips

compact shaver 2The best prevention is not to shave the pubic area… or shave less often. If you must shave… do it properly! We recommend our eRazor Fuzion. It’s the first Triple-blade, Rotary Shaver with a Built-in Trimmer. Available for purchase at the low price of $24.88!

TRIM THE HAIR: Set your eRazor Fuzion to the TRIMMER-MODE so you can trim the Pubic Hair. Pull the hair away from your body and graze over with the trimmer; many like to sculpt with a comb. SOFTEN THE HAIR: Many people are allergic to commercial shaving creams in this sensitive area. We recommend eRazor Glide, or SINsation, as it’s a silicon-based solution. It’s alway good to perform a “patch test” with any new product. Contrary to common belief, do not try to soften the hair by soaking in warm water. The human skin is rather absorbent, so you’ll also soften your skin and “fluff-en” up; therefor increasing the chance of ingrown hairs. SHAVE DOWN TO STUBBLE: Stretch your skin with one hand. With the trimmer, shave against the direction of the hair growth down to stubble. Use two or three short strokes to lessen irritation. This technique reduces ingrown hairs because you’re not shaving the hair too short. BUFF TO SMOOTH FINISH: For this we recommend re-appling a light coat of our Silicon Lube. Set your eRazor Fuzion to the SHAVER-MODE and buff to a smooth finish. Shave once a week… as shaving more often can leave the hair too short… making it easier an ingrown pubic hair to develop. If you shave in the same manner every time, you can train the hair to grow straighter. This is a benefit to shaving the same way each time. This is crucial for the African American population who are highly prone to ingrown hairs.

Maintenance Of Pubic Area

If you’re prone to itching after you shave… use witch hazel. Witch hazel will relieve the itching and irritation caused by shaving. A 99% pure Aloe Vera or use of Epicuren’s Protein Mist Enzyme Toner. It’s an enzyme protein toner that restores the skin’s pH while hydrating and refreshing the skin; it’s the perfect aftershave. Exfoliation: removing the dead skin cells will release any hairs that may have become trapped in the hair follicle. Use a loofa or synthetic sponge to lightly scrub the pubic area. There are some good exfoliation products for your pubic area available at the local drug store. The best products contain either salicylic or glycolic acids. It’s best to do a “patch test” , which as I mentioned, is to try the product on your forearm, to check for any allergic reaction. Clothing: Wear loose fitting under garments and avoid tight fitting pants. The constant abrasion and chafing can cause the short hairs into the hair follicle… causing an ingrown pubic hair. Depilatories: This is an option to eliminate the need for regular shaving… however we don’t recommend it as it can be harmful to the skin. Depilatories work by dissolving the protein in the hair, causing the hair to disintegrate, then just wipe it away. Avoid Waxing the Pubic Area: Even if you’re tough to use this method of hair removal… I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very easy to have the hairs break off below the skin… thereby causing an ingrown pubic hair. I can’t even imagine using waxing on the testicles.