Best Penis Enlargement Solution

Wishing you were a little bigger is common. If it’s becoming a fixation, stop and think before you do something rash. Talking to a doctor or a therapist can help. Research has found that when a doctor honestly reassures a guy that his penis is average-sized, he is likely to stop searching for surgery. You also need to be on guard against phony claims for miracle penis enlargement. “The main target for penis enlargement advertising is insecure guys who think all their power lies in their penises,” says Berman. “These guys are easy victims.”



Extreme Penis Enlargement Solutions


Male enhancement pills

Certainly in the last few years major advancements have been made to these all natural that come in all shapes and sizes including: herbal, synthetic, and even bogus pills. The most promising and clearly the best options contain potent herbal ingredients that promote better blood flow and thus harder and stronger erections. Currently, EnhanceRx™, Virilis Pro™, AchieveRx™, ProSolution™, are the most popular brands, however Virilis Pro gets the best results for the price. These pills are especially promising for those who suffer from sexual dysfunction, but they also respond to the average guy’s need for heightened energy and stamina during sex.


Penis Exercises

Among the most common techniques are jelqing, Kegel exercises, and even the simple act of ballooning. They not only help in elongating the penis, but also aid in managing sexual issues such as premature ejaculation. Just relax, warm up the penis, use a good lubricant, and perform the male enhancement exercise of your choice. Remember, though, to always do things with moderation and high regard for safety.


Penis Extenders

These products work by gently stretching the genitals and pulling its cells apart. They take some time to work, but can be fairly safe and effective. The top 3 penis extenders are Andropenis Gold, Euro Extender, and SizeGenetics. Compared to penis exercises, extenders need a lot less effort. As they all do the same thing, we found that Andropenis Gold was the best “bang for the buck”.



Natural Penis Enlargement Solutions

Weight Loss

There is one safe and effective method for getting a larger-looking penis: weight loss. “A lot of men who think that they have a small penis are overweight,” says Jennifer Berman, MD, a urologist in Beverly Hills and co-author of Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman. Losing weight will reveal more of that hidden shaft that’s buried beneath belly fat. It doesn’t actually increase your size, but it will look that way.

Shaving Pubic Area

As simple as it sounds, this is the secondary that many men still haven’t discovered. A magic shave to your pubic area with expose your penis the best, but you don’t have to go too extreme and go bare… unless you dare. Like being overweight, your pubic hair conceals a good percentage of your penis if never groomed. Use our eRazor Fuzion, or personal shaver of your choice, to do the job. Do not use facial shavers that are designed for your face, or you risk hurting yourself. Personal Shavers are specifically designed for sensitive areas and safely remove course pubic hair.



A Woman´s View on the Size of a Man´s Penis

A lady sent this in and we have included it here for your reading. If we continue to get a sufficient amount of such letters, we will include a full page dedicated to women and their thoughts on penis enlargement.

Guys you do not have a 11 inch penis to impress us girls. But dont get me wrong, size is important. I mean c’mon I dont want to be impaled, but a nice full penis is usually just what I and most girls are looking for. If you dont have it, dont freak out. Most men can totally get by with what they have, just concentrate on your technique more and you will be alright. By the way you so called ‘gifted’ men with 8 inchers and nice girth, you guys need to work on your ‘motion’ too, don’t get cocky!!

— Rachel xoxoxo

Ian Kerner, a sex counselor in New York, says that the imagined glories of a gargantuan penis are not all they’re cracked up to be. “When it comes to penis size, being average is really where you want to be,” says Kerner, the author of books including She Comes First. “Having a penis that’s too big can be a much larger problem — pun unintended — than one that’s too small.” For guys who are too big for their partners, oral or vaginal sex can be difficult.

“Size really doesn’t matter nearly as much as being a good and creative lover,” Kerner tells WebMD. “How you use your brains, your hands, your mouth, and everything else — that’s what counts in the bedroom.” So consider: A quest for a bigger penis could leave you with a lumpy, bruised, discolored, thickened, painful, dysfunctional member. (Not to mention a drained bank account.) Does risking the inches you have for the hope of an extra half inch make sense?




The Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit:


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The Mangrooming Shaving Kit:

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Bare Essential Shaving Kit:


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