Personal Shaver Reviews

Are trying to find a trustworthy source to find out about the best personal shaver, but you’re tired of all the paid affiliates and advertising? We understand shopping for a personal shaver to shave your pubic area is an important decision. Come on now… the future of your kids could depend on it. Well, we found out that none of the shavers out there are seriously that bad.

Now, before you claim that we’re a bias-opinion, just keep in mind that thousands of people out there have trusted our brand for over a decade. Additionally, in writing these personal shaver reviews, we came to find out that it’s more of a natural progression of the shavers, than a review. You can visit for an unbiased review on the eRazor Fuzion, or just click here to read Naomi Torres‘ review on our website.

eRazor FUZION Personal Shaver/Trimmer

Seiko cleancut versus body bare pubic shaverPersonal shavers have been around since the early 2000’s. What’s the newest personal shaver, which has the newest technology, what’s built with the strength of the previous shavers and caters to their weaknesses? All questions posed by The Image Makers when we developed the eRazor Fuzion.

As we’re on our own site, we’re not going to try to sell you on this review page. We’ll leave that up to you. It’s important for us to uphold an unbiased reputation amongst the many readers out there. We’re that confident in the products that we bring to you. Here’s a list of features that only describe the personal shaver, not try to sell it:


  • Triple-action Titanium Blades: Titanium blades that cut longer, faster.
  • Pop-up Trimmer: For trimming or precision detailing, prior to shaving.
  • Built-in Charger: Never misplace an adapter with a built-in adapter.
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery: Rechargeable Eco-friendly nickel hydride batter.
  • Available in Colors: Express you individuality or easily identify who’s shaver it is.
  • Target Gender: Unisex, so not specific to either male or female gender.
  • 2-YEAR Limited Warranty: We stand ready to repair, or replace, our products to your satisfaction.
  • Over 10-years of Manufacturing:  Manufactured by a reputable company striving to improve the lives of their customers.



Seiko® Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

CleanCut ES412 Personal ShaverIf the personal shaver had an “Architect” like The Matrix, it would be the Cleancut ES412. It’s the first personal shaver that was originally developed by Seiko for pubic shaving. Other electric shavers aren’t ergonomic enough for the pubic area. On top of that, not many women would turn to Panasonic’s Ultrasonic Multi-head Monster Shaver ESX for their soft, intimate areas. And certain enough, neither would men. Needless to say, if it wasn’t for the product, none of us would be here; including Hair eRazor.

Because this shaver was developed so long ago, the technology is far antiquated. So much, that this is a direct quote from a retailer on Amazon. Please keep in mind that they still need to market their product for sales.

The Model ES412 Cleancut shaver has the distinction of being the first, and still best, personal / pubic shaver on the market. The ES412 has been made by the same manufacturer for many years (decades) and is still made in Japan, where quality and workmanship are considered high art.

Which isn’t really the case, as we came to discover when we were getting our shipments. You can visit our Shaving FAQ page if you wish to know more about this.



The Body Bare® Personal Shaver… plus sidekick.

body bare pubic shaver with lady fair trimmerMany personal shaver companies selling the Seiko Cleancut were getting feedback that the Cleancut wasn’t shaving. Well, it does, however you have to trim down to stubble before it can work properly. In order to keep those intimate areas safe, these foils are designed large enough to only allow pubic hair through. Many of these companies came up with the solution to develop their own shaver and trimmer kit. The large variance being the trimmer. Some had the Femini, the LadyFair or other female targeted products. Hair eRazor didn’t want to exclude the male population, so we went with the unisex Bare-it-all Trimmer, still sold today.

As the Body Bare can’t shave down “bush”, the LadyFair helps clear the way. The frame has a sturdy aluminum cap to protect the foil and a handy carrying cover, however it also includes a rechargeable adapter that easily gets lost. If you have one, lucky for you that we sell it on our website. As our original Hair eRazor Mark-1 used the same adapter. But what happens when you lose one or the other? And that’s why we developed the eRazor Fuzion!



Hair eRazor & Bare-it-all Trimmer

hair-erazor-mark1This really isn’t vital to the review, as we discontinued this kit when we released the Hair eRazor Titanium (Mark-2). The kit no longer makes sense due to our continuing evolution of the personal shaver market, however continued welling the Bare-it-all Trimmer; as many Body Bare and Cleancut users still need a trimmer for their personal shavers. This sexy, black Bare-it-all Trimmer removes hair from anywhere; even larger areas. You can even trim beards or shave facial hair to leave that rough, rugged 5 o’ clock shadow look. We have even improved this second generation trimmer by adding a more powerful and long life motor.



Hair eRazor Titanium Personal Shaver Kit

hair erazor titanium personal shaving kitWith every series, we’ve always opted for growth as a natural progression. This was the first personal shaver kit to go beyond and install a built-in charger. And with the many comments from men, we also included a 360° rotating head. As the other personal shavers, Hair eRazor Titanium personal shaver needs a trimmer; so it comes with a free Bare-it-all Trimmer. When held at an angle of 45 degrees to the skin, the Bare-it-all Trimmer cuts and trims any body hair down to a fine stubble, and this is when the Hair eRazor Titanium takes over.




Mangroomer Private Body Shaver

mangroomer-body-shaverA few years ago, a new company entered the market with this revolutionary product. It was the first of its kind to have a foil shaver with a built-in trimmer. It also comes with a myriad of accessories to help shave your body. Unfortunately, it made the same mistake of gender-targetting, some of the other companies did. And because of its bulky design and masculine features, it doesn’t really help when you’re looking to do detail work.

So instead of reading reviews, and comments sent to us, we decided to give it a try for ourselves… well, there’s only three guys in the company. Even though they like the styling of the mangroomer, they didn’t like the way the foil is shaped compared to the eRazor Fuzion. If you’re looking to shave lines, trim borders and other grooming techniques, the extra plastic around the head makes it difficult to see what you’re doing. And if you’re shaving for the first time, the extra accessories come in handy, but no longer needed if you maintain yourself. We know what they said when they were asked to compare which they preferred, so we’re not going share as we believed it could be biased.  ;0)


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