Shaving FAQ’s


Some useful information can be found below if you take the time to read it. Also we recommend that you visit our “Shaver Guide” for more tips and information on personal shavers and pubic shaving.

Q. What’s the big deal about Titanium Blades?

A.Well, Titanium is a rare and expensive metal with great strength and is much used in the aerospace industries. It helps us to make much sharper blade edges that simply last longer, Other manufacturers hate this because they want you to keep buying new shavers that wear out quickly, so you have to buy another new shaver.

Q. What kind of shaver is this and can men use it?

A.  It is a single head rotary, personal shaver primarily intended for sensitive pubic areas and can be most effectively used be used by BOTH MALE AND FEMALE of any race and ethnicity. The large single head with titanium hardened blades uses a powerful new direct drive motor which doesn’t lose power in transferring motion to the blades through gears, like the triple headed kind of rotary shavers, which have much smaller heads than the Hair eRazor’s single head. Also do not confuse the Hair eRazor with other shavers which have vibrating (reciprocating) blades that go from side to side and which have coarse aggressive foils which can cause razor burn. These are primarily beard/face shavers and NOT a good choice for pubic shaving.

 Q. Surely you must be cutting corners in quality to be able to sell at much lower prices than the other rechargeable pubic shavers?

A.  Absolutely not! Other stores and brands may do this but we do not. Our Hair eRazor shavers are made specifically for us, at the same factory as Remmington, and unlike the Body Bare or Seiko Cleancut, we do NOT use middlemen that try to call themselves “authorized distributors”, to retail the product and inflate the price with their profit margin. Shavers which cost $30 in Japan cost 100% more in the USA and Europe because of this. We also place orders for thousands of shavers at a time, which gives us a cost advantage as well as being able to strictly monitor the quality of the finished product. We believe in selling at the lowest price possible so that we can sell more shavers. This enables us to negotiate even better deals and product enhancement with manufacturers. We can therefore continue to offer tremendous value, reliability and service, which meets or exceeds that of any brand name shaver. As a case in point, our rechargeable Hair eRazor shaver is far better value than the Seiko Cleancut™ ES 412. This has a very dated battery operated version as well as a new but hugely expensive – over $110 – rechargeable version – the Seiko ES 1080. Even though newly introduced it still has a outdated cord and bulky external transformer accepting only 110 volts. It also uses an environmentally polluting Nickel Cadmium battery. With the Hair eRazor you still get a quality, advanced design shaver, with the SAME square holes in the foil and the added benefit of titanium hardened blades. The Hair eRazor also has an earth friendly rechargeable battery, 33% larger than the other shavers, at a much lower price with a built-in slide out two pin adaptor that plugs straight into the wall outlet – no clumsy cord or transformer and no way to lose the adapter.

Q. Are these personal shavers new?

A. Yes – brand new and unused, straight from the manufacturer’s export carton – SEALED and shipped direct to you. We test each shaver with fishing line filament to see it is cutting properly, adjust and oil each and every one. This is why our return rate is almost nil. Please be assured that we do not sell used shavers under any circumstances, because of the personal nature of the product and potential transfer of bacteria.

Q. Is it safe to use my credit card over the Internet to buy your shavers and is my purchase confidential?

A. With us – absolutely safe! We are PayPal VERIFIED and BuySafe Bonded. All our online transactions are certified and secured by up to 128 bit secure socket layers (SSL). We do not actually receive your credit card information, only the payment via PayPal – the credit card processors. This gives you added security and protection of your sensitive data.

Your credit card statement and the shipping packaging will not reveal what you have bought – just a charge from “The Image Makers” – owners of the Hair eRazor brand. Using your credit card is completely safe and FREE. Most every credit card these days, gives you zero liability in case of unauthorized or fraudulent use. If you prefer, you can send us a letter to pay by USPS money order, or you can even write to us with your full credit card details and order information, to authorize us to charge your card. Please email us FIRST to let us know when to expect your check or credit card details.

We ship your order from our warehouse, 85 miles north of Las Vegas, nevada – within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment.

 Q. What if I don’t like the shavers?

A. Please take the time to tell us exactly what is wrong! Not following the instructions and user technique is usually the most common problem coupled with skin that may be unaccustomed to dry shaving. Your skin needs about 2-3 weeks to get used to the personal shaver. If after a little practice, we cannot eliminate the problem for you, simply email us for an RMA number and return the undamaged shavers with all packaging and accessories within 30 days of purchase. Assuming there has been no customer misuse – we will promptly refund your money less shipping and handling and a 10.00 refund processing charge.Please note that packages sent without requesting an RMA will be refused and returned to sender.

Q. I am told that the Seiko Cleancut, Body Bare and Bodygroom shavers are better?

A. Not so! They are both certainly more expensive than the Hair eRazor, but more can mean LESS. The Seiko Cleancut ES 412 now has a rechargeable version – the ES 1080. This is very pricey at well over $100.00. The Bodygroom shaver states that it is for hair below the neck but it is very broad and so very unwieldy in nooks and crannies of the genitals. Also the reciprocating blades may nick and cut or burn the skin.

The Hair eRazor does the same job with far superior results, and has Titanium sharp blades, 360 degree pivoting shaving head for awkward angles, built-in slide out 2 flat pin adapter and many other features not found elsewhere.

We think that this proves that buying smarter is better than buying a more expensive brand and merely hoping it will be better. The Hair eRazor also beats the more costly Body Bare which has fewer features.

Because of the quality of the Hair eRazor we can offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a two year warranty service, which NO ONE ELSE DOES.

Q. I prefer to pay more for the Seiko Cleancut as it is made in Japan.

A. In short you’re paying extra for the Seiko name, and yet they don’t even manufacture it. Are you sure it is really made in Japan? The Cleancut doesnt even have the name on the shaver.  Izumi Products make the Cleancut and they have factories in Japan and ALSO China. We leave it to you to guess if Izumi Products makes and assembles every Cleancut component in Japan, or merely assembles the Cleancut in Japan from Chinese parts or vice versa.

Q. I do not live in the US – will I pay taxes or Customs duty?

A. The answer, from our experience, is sometimes yes, and sometimes no. It depends on the country and their customs tariffs. We do not collect any taxes for internet sales unless you reside in Nevada. Even if you do pay Customs Duty, because of the very weak US dollar, you will however STILL PAY FAR LESS than if you bought this kind of personal shaver in your home country. In fact the declining US Dollar makes the Hair eRazor a SCREAMING MUST HAVE. We will honor all warranties no matter where our shavers are sent to.

Please note that Overseas Customs can elect to use other agencies to collect any taxes due.

Q. Just how big is it anyway and does size matter?

A. We will assume that you are talking about the Hair eRazor, and the answer is that as with everything, it is not size but technique, quality and design that matter. The larger, and thus faster, single shaving head is about three times the size of those much bulkier three shaving head razors and thus can deliver as much if not more, raw cutting power. While powerful the motor is both quieter and slower than some. This is a deliberate design feature to combat the friction and heat that occurs with high speed shavers that cause shaver burn.

The shaving head also pivots though 360 degrees to overcome awkward angles and is extremely useful for left handed users and perhaps those with arthritis. This shaver measures 4 inches high and 1.5 inches across the foil and is of course very portable and lightweight.

Q. Why do you recommend dry shaving, over wet shaving?

A. Shaving wet with a blade means scraping away the surface of your skin – the epidermis – as well as cutting the unwanted hairs. You should know that when the skin absorbs the water and swells, rising up the hair shaft. When the skin dries out it contracts and the hair shaft, previously covered by the swollen skin, becomes exposed again. So you feel the roughness return to your skin almost immediately and often – razor burn. Wet blade shaving is also a prime cause of unsightly and very painful ingrown hairs as well as shaving rash (pseudofoliculitis barbi) particularly in African Americans. The Hair eRazor is the answer to this problem as the blade never touches your delicate skin. The new silicone based SINSATION™ personal lubricant, unlike the water based variety, softens the hair and makes for a really smooth shave and eliminates any skin irritation, bumps or razor burn.

Q. Are there any special techniques to using the Hair eRazor?

A. As with every other foil shaver, the Hair eRazor will only work on stubble, regrowth or bristle. You must trim the area to be shaved – to stubble length, using the “Bare It All” trimmer, or for really sensitive skin, the very gentle Microtrimmer which also has hardened, long lasting Titanium blades. Then you should hold the Hair eRazor at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees and move it in circular motions, rocking the convex surface over the skin. It is sometimes useful to use the “pinch a roll” technique, in which you pinch up a fold of skin and get the hairs on the top to stand up away from the skin, ready to be shaved by the Hair eRazor. It may take a little while for your skin to become used to the Hair eRazor, just as it did when you first started using your current shaving method. In time you will develop your own technique which works best for you.

Q. Why do you recommend using a silicone personal lubricant on the area to be shaved?

A. Talcum powder, cornstarch, should NEVER be used for dry shaving or anything else, especially by females, as cancer and other serious health hazards can result. We recommend a silicone based (NOT water based) personal lubricant for use with the Hair eRazor. When applied to the area to be shaved, it will “lubricate” the skin and the foil of the shaver so it glides over the skin without dragging. This is useful for obtaining the best results. We now have our own brand of deep discount silicone skin lube on the SINSATION™ page, which you can test for FREE. This is vastly cheaper than the other silicone oils found in ID Millenium, Gun Oil and others.

Q. How long does the shaver battery last?

A. It very much depends on how often it is used and how it is maintained. The Hair eRazor comes with it’s own internal charger, which automatically senses voltages from 110 to 240 volts, and the miniaturized circuitry makes it very light. It has no bulky battery packs or external chargers with cords to weigh you down. The new 600 aMh “green” nickel hydride battery is designed to accept over 500 recharges under normal operating conditions. Each full charge of 12-16 hours at 110 volts or 8 hours at 240 volts, should be enough for more than one hour of shaving. The air temperature also affects the length of time it takes to charge. Rechargeable batteries certainly beat disposable ones on both cost and power and ours does not utilize toxic heavy metals e.g. cadmium, lead & mercury.

Q. Why is cleaning and oiling after each shave strongly recommended and how should I oil the blades?

A. The cut hair particles become a fine powder and quickly accumulate under the foil and cutter blades. This can clog the shaver and prevent it from cutting more hair until it is cleaned out. This is particularly so when the shaver is held upside down while shaving. To oil the blades and to prevent wear and heat from friction, use a cotton swab to put shaver oil or indeed our SINSATION silicone lube, onto the inside surface of the foil. If using regular shaver oil take care to avoid putting on too much, as this will flow through the foil onto the side which contacts the skin and this could cause skin irritation. However if you use Sinsation skin lube to lubricate your foil, you will not experience any skin irritation as it is compeletely skin safe. It is also much less expensive than orinary shaver oil as well as being very versatile.

Note: Keep oil and solvents away from the plastic body of the shaver, to avoid damage.

 Q. Are the Titanium blades replaceable?

A. Yes! The shaver blades and foil should both be replaced together as a set. The titanium strengthened blades are angled and held against the foil by centrifugal force. The super sharp blades and foil are designed to be self sharpening as the blades rotate, should last well over a year, depending on how often you use the shaver and your particulalr type of hair. Regular cleaning and oiling will extend their lives.

Once the blades start to wear, you will notice the shaver is not cutting as well as it did. In this case you should adjust the blades upwards against the foil, using the following process. Unscrew the head and foil and you will see the tri blades mounted on a black rotor. In the very center of this rotor is a small screw. With a small flatblade screwdriver, like those used for eyeglasses, you can turn this to the right (clockwise) in half turns, to raise the level of the blades to contact the foil more closely. Do not raise the blades too much or they will wear quicker. When correctly adjusted you should be able to hear a slight resistance when you switch the shaver on and the blades should come to an almost immediate stop after switching it off accompanied by a swishing sound. Conversely turning the screw to the left (counter clockwise) lowers the blades but this should not be necessary. You should make blade clearance adjustments when replacing the foil and blades.

You might want to order a replacement set in case you lose or damage yours. Dropping these down the toilet happens more often than you would think. Discount replacement blades and foils can be ordered ONLY from us for much LESS than our competitors and are not available in stores. Just $19.99 gets you a replacement set with titanium blades, free foil cover, free vial of premium shaver oil and free US Domestic shipping.

Q. Are the rechargeable batteries user replaceable?

A. No. The shaver should never be opened by anyone other than our service department or a qulaified repair shop. To do so could be dangerous and could invalidate any warranty that may be applicable. Please contact our service department if your battery becomes unable to accept a full charge.

Q. Can I use my Hair eRazor in other countries with a different local voltage?

A. Yes! The Hair eRazor will accept voltages from 110 volts AC to 240 volts AC. The adapter supplied is the US 2 flat pin style. Wherever you are in the world, the Hair eRazor can easily be recharged with no bulky transformer or cords needed, as everything is contained in the shaver itself. In some countries you may need a 2 or 3 round pin converter – we have universal travel adapters on this website at $5.99 which woprks in over 150 different countries and can be used for all kinds of electrical appliances like laptops, travel iron, kettle etc.

Q. Are battery operated shavers like the Seiko Cleancut ES412 Body Bare or Ultimate Intimate Shaver cheaper?

A. No! Not in the short term or even the long run! Added to which, the C cell battery that they use, makes them more expensive to operate as well as heavier and less convenient to carry round in your purse or pocket. Of course you can bet that the disposable battery will die just when you need it most and when you don’t have a replacement.

You should also know that you cannot use a rechargeable C Cell battery in these shaver to make them “rechargeable”.  The rechargeable battery delivers a lower electrical output and so the baldes of the shavers run slower. This leads to painful pinching and pulling rather than cutting.

Q. Will my purchase be private and confidential?

A. Yes! We do not disclose to anyone what you have bought from us. We do not keep, sell or share mailing lists. We also ship in plain packaging which does not disclose the contents and we will not solicit further business from you. Your credit card statement will not show anything other than “The Image Makers”, owners of the Hair eRazor brand and trademark.




The Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit:


  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  4. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  5. $17.95 – Rapid Battery Charger AC/USB
  6. $  6.99 – AA FujiCell NiMH Batteries (2-pack)
  7. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  8. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

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ultimate international pubic shaver kit for europe or australia

  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  5. $15.00 – 3oz Fresh Balls Solution for Men
  6. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  7. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

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Bare Essential Shaving Kit:


  1. $59.99 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
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