Shaving Kits

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Bare Essential Shaver Kit

Get to the basics! This kit allows you to keep yourself groomed from top to bottom.

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Three Set Kit

This powerhouse kit pairs the best personal shavers with our leading multi-use silicon lube, SINsational.

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Sexy Summer Shaving Kit

The exciting new Sexy Sunner kits are available just in time to keep you cool and comfortable below during those ho

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Complete Four Set Shaver Kit

Get the best cordless electric shavers to groom your body. This kit is designed for the avid body groomer. It comes

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Athletics Sports Shaver Kit

This all-star kit is design to keep you smooth and cool, even in the fiercest competition.

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Ultimate Mangrooming Shaving Kit

You're an in it to win it kinda' guy. Have it ALL with our Mangrooming Shaving Kits.

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Wedding Gift-box Set

It's your wedding night, one that should have a place in your heart forever. Make it special with our Wedding Kit.

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50 Shades of Grey Sex Kit

Expand the boundries of your own sexuality with our Exclusive Hair eRazor Shades of Gray gift set.

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Premium Couples Shaving Kit

Many couples are become challenged when making love, however a personal shaver is the next wave in expressing your

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