Help burn victims


With a minimum 10% of all shaver profits the image Makers supports and donates to our chosen charity ARPAN healing the poor and destitute in India. Donations provide free plastic surgery in the Punjab to the abject poor and penniless, who have burns, cleft palates, spina bifida and other birth defects or injuries and desperately need help to again be “normal”.

Please visit to see some graphic pictures of those desperately needing your help and compassion. You will see that it is a registered and recognized charity in India. In addition the US associate charity ARPAN CARE is a registered non profit organization based in Nevada in the USA. It is recognized under the Internal Revenue Service tax code 501 3(c) and donations may be deducted from any US tax that is due

You can also see some of the patients who are awaiting your help to have chance at life. These disfigured patients literally have no money or possessions, and survive (barely) by begging on the streets. Please join Dr Singh, the chief surgeon & director of ARPAN an acronym for Aesthetic Rehabilitation of the Poor And Needy to help mend lives. 100% of all funds raised are spent on patients to buy medications and compression garments. Dr Singh and his colleagues give their surgical talents at no charge but money is needed for medications and other surgical necessities.

No one gets a salary or expenses. All funds raised go exclusively to the immediate benefit of the poor and very needy


We need your help

That is where you come in. With your help, donation and word of mouth, these tragic cases can be transformed. Please do not turn your back on helping ARPAN. The uncomplaining victims of burns, birth defects and accidents depend on your generosity to be literally reborn

Even if you have no money to donate but can tell others about this worthy cause or if you can do any fundraising yourself like collecting and recycling aluminum cans, bake sales or car washes, please let us know how you’d be able to help. Maybe a year end tax plannning donation to Arpan could help you and ARPAN at the same time.

Please email for further information.


Charitable Purchase

You can also help buy buying one of our shavers. A portion of the proceeds go to aiding this charity.

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