2012 Adult Nightclub Expo

Earlier this year we went to the Adult Entertainment Expo, put together by AVN. Needless to say, that wasn’t quite that we anticipated. The great thing is that there may be a few porno’s that may feature our eRazor Fuzion in their films.

The Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners’ Expo still doesn’t quite fit our market, however being a Vegas-based business, and having friends in the industry, we’ve been invited to participate in the festivities. 2012 marks the 20-year Reunion for The Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners’ Expo, and it’s all about the parties!

They realize a good convention involves more than educational panel sessions and a Tradeshow. After all, they are are in the entertainment industry! That’s why every EXPO includes special nightly parties which give attendees the opportunity to let their hair down and enjoy the night life of Las Vegas.The Tradeshow will be packed with vendors offering the latest products and services. Heck, maybe we’ll get a few more vendors picking up our pubic shavers for their outlets?



On Opening Night, if you want to find us, we’ll be at the BJ Tourney. Both men and women yelling, “Hit me!”  at Mandalay Bay on Monday night, August 27, so don’t think you accidentally wandered into an S&M bondage club.

The tournament will be held at Mandalay Bay’s private Beachside Casino where EXPO attendees will be competing in a private Blackjack Tournament for more than $6,000 in prizes. If we play our cards right, hopefully we can land a seat at a table.




It wouldn’t be a reunion without a Feature Entertainer Showcase. One of the most popular events at past EXPOs was the Feature Entertainer Showcase where club owners had the opportunity to see the industry’s top feature acts, as well as hot up-and-coming acts, perform their shows. Some years there were two nights of showcases. This event will take place on Wednesday night, August 29, at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas. So make sure to call up Snacks to get taken care; tell him you’re with Joey Vegas.




The Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit:


  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  4. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  5. $17.95 – Rapid Battery Charger AC/USB
  6. $  6.99 – AA FujiCell NiMH Batteries (2-pack)
  7. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  8. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

A $161.24 value for only $119.95!



The Mangrooming Shaving Kit:

ultimate international pubic shaver kit for europe or australia

  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  5. $15.00 – 3oz Fresh Balls Solution for Men
  6. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  7. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

A $151.30 value for only $109.95!



Bare Essential Shaving Kit:


  1. $59.99 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

$110.47 Value, for only $69.95!
That’s over 30% OFF!




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