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Some people use the term shaver, razor and trimmer interchangeably.  The Hair eRazor is in fact a shaver that shaves away all stubble down to bare skin. The Bare It All Trimmer and Microtrimmer are, as their names suggest, “trimmers” and they trim all long hair down to stubble for removal by the shaver. A razor is a wet blade implement which scrapes away hair and sadly the skin or epidermis. This causes cuts and nicks, shaver burns, ingrown hairs and we do not recommend this method of hair removal.

Multi_blade_wet_shavers_dont_work.jpgThe illusion of the multi blade razors with so called ” comfort and hydrating strips” is just that – an illusion. You see, as the first blade gets blunt or clogged with hair and skin this prevents the other blades from cutting effectively, and often in as little as five shaves. The comfort strips don’t last even that long and are simply a marketing ploy to make you buy these hugely over priced wet shaving blades.

Tip: Always use FUJICELL rechargeable batteries either AA or AAA size for maximum battery life & power. Use these in your Bare It All trimmer or Microtrimmer or any other appliance. If you use junk batteries the trimmer blades cannot move fast enough and you will obviously get inferior trimming and hair removal results.
Advantage: These new Fujicell batteries save money as they recharge 1000 timescompared to other major brands like Duracell or Energizer which only recharge 100 – 500 times. If you use junk, low powered batteries you will not get the trimmers to perform as designed. The SCH 500F battery charger by Fujicell is USB & Mains powered. The latest in rapid battery chargers to keep your Fujicell batteries at peak power & with fast charge.

Tip: Always charge the Hair eRazor shaver with the switch in the OFF position for no longer than the recommended times or damage to the battery can result. Charge at 110 volts for no more than 12 hours or at 240 volts for 8 hours. The red LED charging light will illuminate while charging but will not go off or change color when the battery is fully charged.  Also charge using a surge protector to prevent damage to the circuitry. It is also recommended that you let the battery run down completely every 2 weeks or so before recharging.
Advantage: Overcharging and not following the directions for use will void your warranty.

Tip: In the event that the Bare It All trimmer does not turn on don’t worry. Check you have installed new Fujicell batteries with the correct polarity, as shown in the battery compartment. You should then slide the switch to “ON”and then tap the top of the blade assembly with your forefinger to unstick the blades. Then oil the blades in the teeth on each side, while the motor is still running. This sometimes happens because our warehouse is located in Southern Nevada, in the Mojave Desert. The weather can get extremely hot and this can dry the oil that is applied to blades and foils at the factory. The shaver oil has to be quite thin rather than like tractor grease, and so it can dry out with the passing of time.
Advantage: Proper cleaning under the blades by popping off the blade assembly brushing off hair residue and a drop of oil in the trimmer teeth it will give you smooth operation and extended product life.

Tip: If you are a buyer from outside the USA and require 3 pin plugs – check to see if your bathroom has a two flat pin shaver plug as many do. If not look at our universal travel adapter which works in over 150 countries & can be used for many appliances like travel irons, laptops and coffee makers as well as shavers
Advantage: You can connect your favorite appliances to mains power in most countries around the globe and this adapter also has valuable surge protection.

Tip: Always shave BEFORE washing and ensure the skin is completely dry and free from perspiration.
Advantage: When wet the skin swells, the hair shaft gets covered by the skin. Once the skin cells dry out and they contract, the hair shaft will reappear causing roughness and a poor shave. This is why wet shaving will never produce the smoothness that most people desire. The big names in cartridge wet shavers desperately try to conceal this fact.  They want you to shave more often, so you will have to buy more cartridges, more often, and at skyhigh prices.

Tip: Use pharmaceutical grade, 100% pure silicone oil SINSATION™ before shaving.
Advantage: It softens the hair before shaving and enables the shaver foil to glide over the skin and makes for a cleaner and smoother shave. You will find it costs about 50% less than the best silicone based alternatives. Some uninformed retailers of shavers will tell you to use baby powder or cornstarch. We strongly WARN against this as these powders can cause cancer and other very serious health problems especially for females. The corn starch alternatives can cause yeast infections in woman and urethral difficulties in men. NEVER use the water based personal lubricants for shaving as this swells the skin cells as shown above and stops you from getting the desired smooth skin.

Tip: Always unscrew the foil and clean your Hair eRazor shaver, under the blade rotor and under the foil and also trimmer heads after use. Place couple of drops of shaver oil or better still our SINSATION silicone lube, on the underside of the foil. Also oil the teeth of the trimmers while they are moving to keep them running freely and fast.
Advantage: Extends the life of the blades and foil. This step is so important we will give you a FREE sample of premium shaver oil for which our competitors will charge you plenty. If you do not clean out hair residue and oil the shaver and trimmers, by removing the foil and by popping off the blade assemblies on the trimmers and also removing foil placing a drop of oil on the underside, they will slow down and sometimes stop altogether, but not before premature wear has occurred.

Tip: With a generous application use our SINSATION silicone lube to lubricate your skin and the skin side of the eRazor foil as described above.
Advantage: Gentle to the skin. Our SINSATION silicone lube can be used to lubricate the shaver as well as soften your skin and hair and moisturize your skin. Other brands of shaver oil can cause a nasty rash if it gets on the skin. You don’t have this problem with our Sinsation which can also be used as a wonderful massage oil. The oil cleans off with a tissue or soap and water or it can be left to be absorbed by the skin. Excess oil on the shaver can also be easily wiped off with a tissue. Do not get oils and solvents on the plastic parts of the shavers and trimmers.

Tip: Always trim the hair to be removed, to a fine stubble, using a trimmer like the Bare It All and the Hair eRazor Microtrimmer.
Advantage: No foil shaver can cut long hairs that lie down next to the skin. It has to be short stubble length to make it stand up and away from the skin so the hair shaft can enter the foil and be cut. Gently move the shaver AGAINST the direction of hair growth and do not press down hard as this can damage the foil and cause skin injury. Rocking the convex foil of the Hair eRazor over the skin is also useful. The outer rings of the foil have elongated holes to catch and cut coarser hairs while the inner rings are for really sensitive areas with softer hair. Thus the angle of “attack” with the shaver is crucial. Fortunately the Hair eRazor has an adjustable head which can be angled to suit you.

Tip: Always use slow circular motions to best remove hair when shaving with a foil shaver.
Advantage: Get “Smooth as a blade” finish for your skin. Moving the shaver too fast or pressing down too hard will result in hair not being cut properly or as close as you would like and may result in damage to the foil and blades and maybe also your skin.

Tip: Stretch the skin to be shaved and shave against the direction of hair growth. Alternatively you can pinch up the skin into a fold and shave the hair with the shaver at a 90 degree angle.
Advantage: Ensures smooth, stubble free shave.

Tip: Like a pair of scissors the Hair eRazor shaver blades have to make good contact with the foil to cut the hairs cleanly. You may need to adjust the height of the eRazor blades to ensure proper contact with the foil and for optimal blade clearance. This easily done in seconds. The directions for this are shown below and also in the printed instructions in the shaver box.
Advantage: Extend the use of the long lasting titanium blades. Unscrew the foil on your Hair eRazor, you will see the black three blade rotor with a small adjustment screw in the center. With a flat blade screwdriver, like those used for working on eyeglasses, turn the screw to the right (clockwise) by half turns so that with the foil back on again, you can hear a slight hesitation when the shaver is turned on, and a swishing sound when it is turned off. This ” audio tuning” will be the correct height for optimal blade clearance. If you over raise the blades, this can cause premature blade and foil wear and it may stop the blades from revolving fast enough. In this case you can turn the adjustment screw to the left (counter clockwise) by half turns unto you get the desired scissor blades sound.

Tip: After approximately 8 – 12 months of use, replacement blades for all our shavers and trimmers may be necessary. This timeframe varies according to your hair texture and frequency of shaving. Please  order replacement blade kit with FREE SHIPPING, or request them by email and we can invoice you for payment to make it easy. You can pay with a credit card or by with a USPS money order.
Advantage: Easy ordering for replacement parts and batteries, chargers and adapters and we do not collect sales tax. The Hair eRazor titanium blades and foil must be replaced together, and we conveniently sell these as a set. The Hair eRazor Foil & Blades are discounted at $19.99 with a FREE vial of premium “shaver saver” oil which is for the shaver, NOT for applying to your skin.

Tip: Always wipe off the foil and blades each time you clean the shaver and trimmers using a clean tissue and rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. This will remove any bacteria that has built up.
Advantage: Helps to avoid any, bumps, skin irritation or infection.

Tip: Always keep shaver and trimmers dry and away from water and condensation especially when charging the shaver. Keep shaver and trimmer body free from solvents and oils which can damage them. Don’t not overcharge the shaver for longer than recommended and use a surge protector while charging. KEEP SHAVERS AND TRIMMERS AWAY FROM CHILDREN
Advantage:  Avoids damage to you and those you love and also to the shavers or trimmers.

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If you buy now we will sweeten the deal with 10% OFF your entire purchase! Just enter ACTNOW as the coupon code at check out. We will even throw in a FREE sample of SINsational lube ($4.95 value).

Blow Jobs: Women Fired Up Over Going Down

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Blow Jobs: Women Fired Up Over Going Down

Women Fired Up Over Licking Bare BallsA small study of our male clients clearly shows that blow jobs are on the rise! Yes, smooth balls seems to be the answer if you want to have ball licking enter the mainstream of  the male sexual experience. Women all over the world really hate those often long coarse hairs sticking out at them while they navigate  a mans’ erogenous zone.  The number one answer women gave  for not licking their lovers balls was the gag factor, but excuses ranged from smell to ugliness.  As seasoned lovers know, ball licking is one of the most sensuous things a woman can do for a man, and really is one of the things he can do for a while without the immediate urge to orgasm, like fellatio brings about.  The Hair eRazor pubic shaver is the perfect answer to a man’s desire and a womans’ needs.  Just take the Hair eRazor micro trimmer, and while keeping the scrotum taught, slowly cut the hair down to a short stubble.  If  the hair is extremely long,  cut the hair first with scissors to approximately 1/2 inch.  After that is done, use a small amount of Sinsational Shaving Lube, apply to the scrotum, and run the Hair eRazor personal shaver over the scrotum.  And voila, smooth as a baby’s!  Now a lot of men have trouble doing the back side of their balls.  We suggest men  get on all fours so the scrotum hangs freely from the torso and legs.  Tell your lover to gently pull the scrotum and follow the same procedure as was done for the front of the scrotum.  You are going to end up in one of the best sex sessions you have had in a long time.  Trust me.

Sensuously Yours,



Hair eRazor Pubic Shavers Are A Must For Las Vegas Day Parties

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Hair eRazor Pubic Shavers Are A Must For Las Vegas Day Parties

It’s summer 2014, and Vegas never disappoints, even the early riser, when it comes to party time.  But before you head down to the pool, get your Hair eRazor pubic shaver out to do the last minute  touch ups that everyone needs.  Your Hair eRazor Micro Trimmer Pen is great for trimming down nipples, shoulders and backs, hands, feet and any other gorilla like hair you own.  And don’t forget those under arms.  No one wants two wet beards coming at them!  I’ve put together the A list of party pools to enjoy this summer. Make sure your cabana is stocked with Hair eRazor  intimate hair removal products,  just in case your mermaid needs her tail groomed!

Sensuously yours,




List of Las Vegas Day Clubs and Pool Parties


Hard Rock Pool
The Hard Rock Hotel’s 200,000 sq ft pool area is home to Beachlife every Friday, Saturday and Monday.
Daydream Pool at Night
Daydream Pool
One of the smaller, more intimate pools, enjoy all the amenities with smaller crowds.
Daylight Beach Club
Daylight Beach Club, at Mandalay Bay, can accommodate up to 5000 people.
Ditch Pool Party Crowd
Ditch Pool Party
Hosted by the hottest names in music, Ditch is the hottest pool party every Friday. Don’t miss it.
Encore Beach Club
Encore Beach
Encore Beach Club is the newest Pool Party and you’ll get in free with our Free EBC Passes.
Ghostbar Dayclub Crowd
Ghostbar Dayclub
A dayclub party featuring beer bongs, free-flowing champagne, delicious food, and grown-up pinatas. Don’t miss the hottest new party on The Strip!
Partiers at Liquid Pool at Aria
Liquid Pool
Inside the Aria in City Center, Liquid is a small oasis from the desert heat.
Palms Place Pool
Palms Pool Party Sundays
Escape the high power glitz of the Las Vegas Strip and enjoy a quiet getaway at the Palms Place Sunday Pool Party.
Rehab Sundays
Sundays at the Hard Rock have been home to Rehab since 2003, an infamous Las Vegas tradition.
Tao Beach Night
Tao Beach
Tao Beach is a great dayparty. Located at the Venetian you can party here 7 days a week.
The Pond Guest List
The Pond
Located about 20 minutes off The Strip, The Pond at Green Valley Ranch is a great place to relax and unwind away from the main event.
Venus Pool
Venus Pool Club
Venus is a European (topless) style pool at Caesar’s Palace, ideal for relaxing and unwinding between parties.
Wet Republic VIP Line Pass
Wet Republic
Featuring great musical talent and some of the hottest bodies in Vegas; Wet Republic is a must see.

    • Loved it! Thank you we had an amazing time! Here are some pics of the crew that hit Tryst, LAX and Moon. 🙂 Thanks again!

      —Pamela AR

2014 Sexy Swimwear Creates Demand for Hair eRazor Pubic Shavers

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2014 Sexy Swimwear Creates Demand for Hair eRazor Pubic Shavers

herve-leger-resort-2014-passion4luxury-13Well, they say everything old is new again, and bathing suit designers have jumped on the trend.  Last years sexy swimwear was dubbed the year of the see through, this year it’s the one piece suit.  But with a new twist, bondage.  Harve Bernard leads the trend by parlaying his famous bondage dress, into a line of sexy bathing suits that blew audiences away all over Europe.  Edgy, incredibly sexy, and just as revealing as any two piece on the market.  Anybody wearing these suits will be the center of attention at any beach around the world, guaranteed!  Of course the high cut bottoms and revealing cutouts demand that anyone who enjoys the spotlight of being in the sun, be clean shaven all over.  And that’s our job at Hair eRazor.! We provide the best pubic shavers, and intimate hair removal kits to not only swimwear models, but to everyone who wants to look like one.   And we all want to look like one!  So get ready for that close up, and get the best hair removal products on the market, at  You are going to love the way you look!


Sensuously yours,


Smiley Miley Cyrus

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Smiley Miley Cyrus

brazilian wax maintenence erazor microtrimmer

It’s gone viral. The girl with the yellow tattoo fesses up and everyone knows it was a fake! Miley has really made it big ever since she cut that hair! And If I know Miley she keeps the down under just as buzzed. You never know she just might use a Hair eRazor intimate shaver, to keep that new hair do razor sharp!


Sensuously yours,



Keep Your Brazilian Wax Smooth Forever with Hair eRazor

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Keep Your Brazilian Wax Smooth Forever with Hair eRazor

brazilian wax maintenence erazor microtrimmerNow, you’ve gotten your first Brazilian Wax. You love the feel and sensuousness of being bare. But it’s only been three days and your hair is growing back already!  But they said it would last two to three weeks!  Well, surprise, surprise, hair grows at different rates, so here comes the hair that was just about ready to emerge. So much for that Brazilian wax! This problem has a simple answer, use the eRazor Fuzion pubic shaver to keep your genital areas hair free virtually forever. The Hair eRazor was designed to remove stubble, or regrowth from all intimate areas of the body.

We also suggest getting our Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer Pen for newbies. Fitted with titanium blades, our trimmers are guaranteed not to bite the back, sac, and crack. And you’ll really enjoy it’s seamless perfection when keeping the inner labia free of hair too! So, rather than spending another $65.00 for a Brazilian Wax,  get an intimate hair removal kit, like our Bare-it-all Shaver Kit, and do it yourself.  Or better yet, have your lover do it for you.

Sensuously yours,

Tina, Licensed Aesthetician

Hair eRazor explains Have Sex and Lose Weight

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Hair eRazor explains Have Sex and Lose Weight

sexy costumes for halloween costume partiesI know you may find this headline hard to believe, but it’s been proven, sex burns a lot of calories and makes you lose weight.  Scientists from the University of Quebec ran a study to see how many calories were burned during sex.  Twenty one couples were asked to have sex once a week, and to not change their sexual routine in any way.  Results showed,  Men burned 4.1 calories per minute, and women burned 3.1 calories per minute.  This is equal to the same number of calories burned while cycling, using a treadmill, or playing doubles tennis.  The participants said their relationships were stronger, and they felt way better after sex, than when going to the gym!  Now turn your love making sessions into marathons!  Add the Hair eRazor to groom each other, our Sinsational Lube for body to body massages or try a new position that works a different muscle group, and watch the pounds and inches come off!  And sex has other health benefits, too.

1. Helps Keep Your Immune System Humming

“Sexually active people take fewer sick days,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a sexual health expert.

People who have sex have higher levels of what defends your body against germs, viruses, and other intruders. Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that college students who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of the a certain antibody compared to students who had sex less often.

You should still do all the other things that make your immune system happy, such as:

  • Eat right.
  • Stay active.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Keep up with your vaccinations.
  • Use a condom if you don’t know both of your STD statuses.

2. Boosts Your Libido

Longing for a more lively sex life? “Having sex will make sex better and will improve your libido,” says Lauren Streicher, MD. She is an assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

For women, having sex ups vaginal lubrication, blood flow, and elasticity, she says, all of which make sex feel better and help you crave more of it.

3. Improves Women’s Bladder Control

A strong pelvic floor is important for avoiding incontinence, something that will affect about 30% of women at some point in their lives.

Good sex is like a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. When you have an orgasm, it causes contractions in those muscles, which strengthens them.

4. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Research suggests a link between sex and lower blood pressure, says Joseph J. Pinzone, MD. He is CEO and medical director of Amai Wellness.

“There have been many studies,” he says. “One landmark study found that sexual intercourse specifically (not masturbation) lowered systolic blood pressure.” That’s the first number on your blood pressure test.

5. Counts as ExerciseIt won’t replace the treadmill, but it counts for something.

Sex uses about five calories per minute. It gives you a one-two punch: It bumps up your heart rate and uses various muscles.

So get busy! You may even want to clear your schedule to make time for it on a regular basis.  “Like with exercise, consistency helps maximize the benefits,” Pinzone says.



Valentine’s Day Gifts That Stimulate Sexual Desire

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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Stimulate Sexual Desire


Seducing all of the senses, is truly the goal of a Valentine’s Day Celebration.  The experienced lover knows that to create a mind blowing experience all the senses should be stimulated.  Scents have a powerful effect on romance.  Even years after a relationship is over, a whiff of a lovers’ cologne can bring back feelings and memories.

Taste is next, s0 don’t be shy and taste yourself.  Food and drink affects your liquid persona!  And did you know chocolate was found to have the most aphrodisiac quality than any other food?  So don’t forget the body chocolate!

Sound is often overlooked by many lovers because they are shy, but Valentine’s Day is a good day to start expressing your inner most sexual feelings to each other!  Everyone loves to hear an encouraging grunt and groan, as it tells your lover how good it feels.

We of course left the most important senses for last, touch and sight.  Shaving each other with our Hair eRazor Fuzion. is going to give him a woodie, just thinking about it!  To understand men’s fascination with “female shaving,” consider this: What makes exotic dancers physically different from the pretty girl sitting next to you at work?

The simple fact that she is an exotic dancer might give her extra sex appeal and magnetism, but the major difference is her clean-shaven genital area. This je-ne-sais-quoi effect of clean-shaven genitalia makes men everywhere go into fantasy mode.  And now, men realize that shaving each other has the same stimulation for women!  So to sum up your Valentine’s Day shopping list. Hair eRazor Pubic Shavers, scents, chocolate in any form, and the most important gift, your love.


Will Vibease Wearable Vibrator Please?

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Will Vibease Wearable Vibrator Please?

vibease-will-help-you-out-when-you-feel-lonelyIt’s not even available on the market, but the Vibease is creating a huge rise for those in know in the Sex Industry.  This wearable vibrator brings along a lover app complete with a selection of sexy literature.  Shades of Grey is one of the selections.  Just close your eyes, listen, as the App reads the story to you, and triggers the vibrator when it detects certain phrases.

Not only that, but you can sync your app with a partner, grant them permission, and they can control the vibrator.  And they have a couple’s unit too!  I really think that this is the beginning of the now age of Cyber sex!  Of course we recommend any pleasure ride be coupled with clean smooth skin from Hair eRazor! 




Great Sex After 40 with the Hair eRazor Miley Should Try It

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Great Sex After 40 with the Hair eRazor  Miley Should Try It
Hair eRazor Couples Kit

Hair eRazor Couples Kit

I have a lot of over 40 clients that complain that the thrill is gone, their life is routine, their sex lives are in a rut.  They are bored out of their minds!  Well, we’re here to tell you there IS SEX OVER 40!!  Love and passion is chemical!  When we first encounter someone that “turns us on” the brain is pumping out dopamine by the boat loads, and with that release, is an increase in testosterone levels in men, and androgen levels in women.  Now put that all in the mix and as Emeril would say, BAM!  It’s this thing called LOVE!  Then a year goes by, he’s moved in, and he starts yelling, “I need a roll of toilet paper!”  By this time, dopamine levels have returned to normal, and so has your sex drive.

SO WHAT TO DO?  Well I learned a long time ago that novelty keeps the fire burning.  Your partner was new at one time, do something new and exciting together!   There are the old standards of date night, candles and roses, that are nice, but there is no turn on like shaving each other, with, of course, the Hair eRazor.  What better way to excite each other again sexually, with a whole new look and feel that excites the all the senses.  Bring to bed our Couples Kit, and make sure to leave a ” DO NOT DISTURB SIGN ON YOUR DOOR!”


Hair eRazor Scores 1st Place for Best Pubic Shaver Again!

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Hair eRazor Scores 1st Place for Best Pubic Shaver Again!

When the world’s sexiext performers get together at the AVT convention, here in Las Vegas, StorErotica, the industry bible,  chooses the industry’s hot products for retailers. We hate to boast, but  Hair eRazor’s Erazor Fuzion took first place for the Best Pubic Shaver of 2013, beating out some impressive favorites.

We debuted our new Hair eRazor, eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver with Built-in Trimmer Las year. It’s the sleekest, most innovative designed, shaver on the pubic shaver market.  Well liked by our distributor Eldorado, we offer a complete line of intimate hair removal tools, each designed for the hair it was supposed to remove.  We don’t want to brag, but we scored Number One Shaver by Vegas Entertainers, 3 years running.

So if you want to shave like a professional Vegas performer, buy a Hair eRazor product.  You’ll be smooth day in, day out.  Right now you can catch our HOLIDAY SPECIAL by using WINTERCOAT at checkout. Not only will you receive 15% off, however you’ll also get a 20mL SINsational Intimacy & Shaving Lubricant.