Fresh Balls Solution for Men

For the first time there is a product that prevents wetness and the uncomfortable feelings of being sweaty, sticky, and chafing in the groin area, which all men suffer from. Fresh Balls® is a natural product and is formulated to keep your private area fresh and dry, and solves the perspiration problem. This product is Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, and Talc Free, and contains Oatmeal as an anti-irritant and Tea Tree Oil as an anti-bacterial. Fresh Balls® is an easy to apply lotion that dries quickly, so it won’t clump on your skin or leave a powdery residue in your pants. It can be used as often as needed and is recommended to use as part of your daily grooming routine.   Free Shipping & Multipacks And for those that like to stock up, we’re the only place where you get FREE SHIPPING and can get up to 6-pack. Stack up the savings and order Fresh Balls®...
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2012 Adult Nightclub Expo

The Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners’ Expo still doesn’t quite fit our market, however being a Vegas-based business, and having friends in the industry, we’ve been invited to participate in the festivities. 2012 marks the 20-year Reunion for The Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners’ Expo, and it’s all about the parties!

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Best Pubic Hair Removal Kits

In March 1992 we began selling the Seiko CleanCut and the Lady Fair Trimmer. Both were decent products, and we developed thousands of customers within the first few years. As a result were able to grow our business to manufacture our very own shavers and revolutionize the personal shaver industry. We continually redefined the industry with the help of our customers feedback and now we sell the Hair Removal Kits. First, we brought you the original Hair eRazor, then improved to our Titanium Series with faster spinning titanium blades. A decade later, we redefine the industry yet again! We now bring you the convenience of a built-in trimmer all in one device. Introducing eRazor Fuzion At the low price of $46.88, the eRazor Fuzion beats out the overpriced Body Bare and Seiko Cleancut. Only the The eRazor Fuzion has a rotary shaver, built-in trimmer, is rechargeable, and has a built-in charger. Because all pubic shavers require you to take down the hair to stubble, we developed the eRazor Fuzion. It’s the first personal shaver with a built-in trimmer. The eRazor Fuzion Personal Shaver/Trimmer also beats out the leading brands. Below is a comparison chart if you DARE TO COMPARE:     Everything you need to keep yourself pubic area shaved and groomed for your Lover. These Ultimate Shaving Kits come with our NEW eRazor Fuzion Shaver with built-in Trimmer, eRazor Maintenence Kit, 200mL of SINsation and more… The Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit: $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil) $19.99 – Remington MicroTrimmer $17.95 – 200mL SINsation shaving/massage oil $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US A $115.31 value for only $79.95. Plus an extra 15% off if you use our coupon code below!! TOTALING $67.96!!!     Ultimate Couples Shaving Kit: $93.76 – Two eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shavers $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil) $19.99 – Sensuous Belgian Body Chocolate $19.99 – Remington MicroTrimmer $17.95 – 200mL SINsation shaving/massage oil $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US A $182.18 value for only $129.95. That’s over 25% OFF!!!         From Bikini shaving to manscaping… The eRazor Fuzion Personal Shaver/Trimmer has you covered! Instead marketing male or female products that end up costing everyone more money, we ensure our personal shavers are unisex. So whether you’re looking to get your bikini line shaved for summer, or looking for a mangroomer to shave your back and manscape, our...
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