Best Lubricant for Sex and more

SINsational is multifunctional and  economical when used as a massage oil, body  oil, pre-shaving, making it the best lubricant in the market! It will soften hair before  shaving  and enables  shaver foils and blades to glide over the surface of the skin  without burn, bite or  skin  irritation.Great as a skin moisturizer too you can even  style your hair with it.  Do not confuse with the cheaper  and less effective 95%  water based lubricants  that dry out – why would you pay for water anyway?


SINsational Shaving & Intimacy Lubricant must be be applied with freshly washed hands to avoid transferring bacteria to the skin. Used as a pre shave oil this enables the blades of a shaver to glide over the skin and stops pulling and friction. You can also apply this oil after shaving to smooth and calm the skin. Used as massage oil or a personal lubricant – a generous application works best with easy cleanup using a tissue to wipe excess oil off the skin. Do not apply too thinly or rub in like suntan oil, as slipperiness is affected.

  • Used as a shaving oil – reduces friction and prevents irritation
  • For all your intimate places to enhance sensation and intimacy
  • Double benefit – use to oil your shaver foil and trimmer blades

important_please_read.gifNEVER USE TALC OR CORNSTARCH for shaving as they both have serious health implications including cancer – especially for women.

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How SINsational gives you a silky smooth shave

smooth shaved skin

You cannot use the water based lubricants or emulsions for effective shaving. The water in them is absorbed by the skin and the skin cells swell. You will have seen this when you stay in the water too long.

The result is that the skin cells expand and ride up the hair shaft and prevent the blades of the shaver from cutting down to the base of the hair shaft. When the skin dries out the skin cells contract and the hair shaft is exposed and you don’t get a smooth shave.

 For a really sensuous feel and smell you can add a custom mix of essential oils like vanilla or lavender to SINsational Shaving & Intimacy Lubricant

  • Best deal anywhere and Sheet safe
  • Silky smooth
  • 100% Pure pharmaceutical grade silicone oil
  • No Flavor additives
  • No coloring additives
  • No perfumes added
  • Odor Free 
  • Non toxic
  • Never sticky
  • Never dries out
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very slippery (works under water too)
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