30-day Guarantee

Quality of Products and Service

Our product is highly reliable with hundreds of thousands sold worldwide with a 99.9% satisfaction rate. YOU MUST MAKE SURE that you know exactly what you are buying and compare our specifications to the other pubic shaver choices available. Click To Compare The Three Best Selling Pubic Shavers. We give a full description, measurements, size, weight and pictures. If you are not sure of anything please let us know BEFORE buying. Our product range is designed in the USA and manufactured from quality, internationally sourced components from Japan, and carefully assembled in the P.R.C.


Terms of our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You must be satisfied with your purchase. If not please email us at info@hairerazor.com to tell us exactly what is wrong as we can often diagnose and resolve issues without the need to return any items which cost everyone money. Misunderstandings and failure to follow the product instructions are the most common cause of dissatisfaction. We are always ready to explain and assist if you email us with full details of any issue experienced.

If you are still not satisfied with our products or our suggestions to assist you please email us for an RMA number and return instructions. This is vital as we have hundreds of packages daily with sales of parts and peripherals, new shaver sales, repairs, etc, being shipped or arriving. Returns without an RMA will be refused as they will not be recognized by our administration system.

Returns MUST arrive with us within 30 days of purchase date (45 days if purchased abroad).  We will immediately refund the purchase price less shipping and handling, any shipping insurance which we cannot reclaim, as well as a $10.00 refund processing fee. This cost includes credit card fees and commissions, disassembly and safe disposal of the shaver components. Shavers must be clean both outside and under the foil/blades and undamaged and must be returned with all packaging and accessories. For health reasons if these are not cleaned of all hairs, for hygeine reason our technicians can refuse to handle the returns for disassembly and safe disposal of used parts.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a genuine offer but commonsense dictates that you must know exactly what you have purchased and carefully follow the printed instructions in the shaver / trimmer box and also the hints and tips which we also send you via email. If you do not understand these terms again please ask BEFORE buying.

There is a right way to use our products and a wrong way. This includes oiling and cleaning the underneath the blades and foil of shavers and removing the blades of the trimmers regularly, adjusting the shaver blade clearance against the foil etc. Your trimmers will not work correctly if you use bad quality or partly discharged batteries. Click to see our preferred batteries and replacement parts

Personal shavers and trimmers are very personal items and obviously used in intimate areas. As such they may have communicable bacteria on them after being used. Any returned shavers cannot and will not be resold once the box is unsealed. We bear the largest loss in any product returns but we ask buyers returning items to share in the loss incurred. Most other pubic shaver manufacturers will not accept returns at all.


Refund Policy

We will refund money if there is a manufacturing defect which we cannot resolve to your satisfaction.

We will not refund any money if the items purchased are used incorrectly or have been frivolously purchased, or bought without reading and understanding the product description, products sizes and measurements and without following all product instructions for use, or if the products have been bought for someone else without their knowledge or consent.

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