eRazor Fuzion Instruction Manual

Congratulations on your purchase of The eRazor FUZION!

First, we brought you the original Hair eRazor, then improved to our Titanium Series with faster spinning titanium blades. Now we’ve brought you the convenience of a built-in trimmer and rotary shaver all in one device.

The eRazor Fuzion will be the last personal shaver you’ll ever own. Its compact design makes it great for travel, and with the convenience of a built-in charger, you’ll never be without a clean shave. Here, there, anywhere, everywhere.


eRazor Fuzion Instruction Manual

Activate the trimmer by shifting the switch on the neck of the shaver-head. The eRazor Fuzion works best on short stubble or regrowth, and will NOT cut long hairs that lie close to the skin.


Once the skin is trimmed down to stubble, activate the shaver by shifting the switch on the neck of the shaver-head.


Use gentle contact with the skin, holding the shaver at 45 to 90 degrees to the skin.


Stretch the skin with your fingers and move the Fuzion AGAINST the hair growth, in a circular motion.


Several passes of the shaver may be required, depending on the hair type and texture.


Be careful not to press down hard on the foil, as this will damage the blades and foil.


Always shave before washing, when the skin is dry. You MUST shave dry. or with special shaving lube.


Never apply baby powder or cornstarch to the area to be shaved; we recommend our silicone-based lube.


Charge shaver for 4 to 10 hours, depending on voltage, by ejecting the universal pin below. Plugging in the corresponding adapter into the bottom of the shaver.

If you’re in North American, we feature our eRazor ampT Adapter that supercharges 110v to 240v.


Clean your shaver blades often and oil them lightly, with our special shaver saver oil.


Clean the body of your Fuzion with a dampened cloth.


Do not use thinners or solvents on your Fuzion, as this will damage the finish.


Always cover the foil, after use, with the shaver cap; to protect against damage.


Please read all of these important instructions before using your shaver. Please retain and refer to these instructions and advice on safety.


Danger precautions

• NEVER charge the shaver with an electrical current more than 240-volts.
• NEVER wet the shaver, use or leave it charging near water; electrical shock and/or malfunction may result.
• NEVER turn the shaver on when the foil has been removed or is loose.
• NEVER use the shaver if the foil or rotary blades are dented or damaged. Cuts to your skin may result. Always check the outer foil and inner blades before shaving. Do not press the foil hard against your skin, or damage to your skin and the shaver may result.
• Always ensure the foil top is screwed on firmly before use of the rotary blades.
• NEVER leave any shaver or their accessories unattended and in a place where children may be able to reach them.
• NEVER overuse the foils, as scissoring action slowly shaves away the metal.
• Do not charge the shaver for more than 24-hours at 110-volts. For 240-volts, the maximum charge time will be 12-hours. Every five charges, let the battery fully discharge before recharging. Each charge will last about 2 to 3 shaves or about 15-minutes. The red LED indicates that your shaver is charging.

• Do not touch the blades, as they are sharp and cuts may result.





The Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit:


  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  4. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  5. $17.95 – Rapid Battery Charger AC/USB
  6. $  6.99 – AA FujiCell NiMH Batteries (2-pack)
  7. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  8. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

A $161.24 value for only $119.95!



The Mangrooming Shaving Kit:

ultimate international pubic shaver kit for europe or australia

  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  5. $15.00 – 3oz Fresh Balls Solution for Men
  6. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  7. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

A $151.30 value for only $109.95!



Bare Essential Shaving Kit:


  1. $59.99 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

$110.47 Value, for only $69.95!
That’s over 30% OFF!




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