eRazor Fuzion Razor para Espana

Hello Tina!

We received the packet with the eRazors in less than a week. Very fast!
And without custom clearance and directly delivered in my hands.

We have already used the eRazors and the Microtrimmer as well. They are
perfect!! And so powerful!! These last years we have been using the Body
Bare but last times the shaver didnt work well at all, so now that we
have changed to your eRazor is like passing from darkness to light….in
any case eRazor beats by miles (in my opinion of course) the Body Bare.
Very nice its lightweight and also its ergonomy: you can grab it in
different ways.

Until now, we only needed to recharge my wife’s blue one (my onyx one
still shaves…). I plugged the shaver to the universal adaptor that you
sent us and after 3 or 4 hours charging, the eRazor didnt work, it was
not charged! So I tried with my adaptor I told you I have and it went
well. Charged full. So I dont know if the one you sent me is going wrong…
Oh! One question: when the eRazor is charging, a red light is turned
on….but when is fullcharged this light changes to green? Or it stays
red all time? If so, I guess that you have to estimate a 3-4 hours

Also wanted to thank you for sending us the little bottle of lube. We
have not tried yet but after shaving with the lube, should I clean in an
special way the eRazor foil cover and blades?

You have been very kind and we want to thank you for your friendly
treatment. Be sure we’ll tell our friends about the eRazors.

A big hug


PS Hope next time I can send the photos signed by himself, LOL.

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