Experience the Best Wedding Night with Hair eRazor

Don’t you want to have the best wedding night ever?  Then get Hair eRazor’s Wedding Night Kit!  This grouping brings together all the elements of romance, sensuality and giving, to make your wedding night the best ever.  The romantic rose petals set the stage for the best wedding night sex known to humans!  Light the romantic candles to light the way to the bottle of our Sinsational Massage Lube and give a fabulous body to body massage that tells your love that you want them to know that you really are one.  The two sleek Hair eRazor personal shavers await to allow the both of you to explore each other like never before.   The Sinsational lube lets you glide your shaver over every hill and valley of the body, exposing the beauty of the human body completely.  You are both so turned on you really do become one.  All this for only $99.99 and gift boxed for your convenience.  Sounds like the best way to spend your wedding night to me!

Sensuously yours,