What’s your favorite female pubic hair style?

Women now celebrate their femininity by styling their pubic hair. An untamed bush is rare and likely to elicit an emphatic response from a new lover along the lines of “Wow! You have a really hairy pussy!” We took a poll to see just what female pubic hair styles are in vogue for the V girl, and we are happy to say that the results are revealing!


“The Brazilian Bikini” – Everything off

(60%, 5,743 Votes)

“The Landing Strip” – A small strip of hair

(21%, 1,985 Votes)

“Lightly Groomed” – A little off the top and sides

(16%, 1,565 Votes)

“The Bush” – Natural and untamed

(3%, 352 Votes)


Where do you fit in?  Please send us your vote!