Hair eRazor Best Personal Shaver for Trans Genders



Bravo Caitlyn!  It has been a long road to freedom for Caitlyn Jenner.  She has spent sixty five years impersonating Bruce Jenner, but her time has come to be free and embrace her purpose in this life.   And she is doing a great job increasing awareness for trans genders all across America. Trans genders from male to female always have issues with HAIR.  The Hair eRazor personal shaver can solve these problems.  From the pesky 5 o’clock shadow, to the genital area the Hair eRazor keeps the skin smooth and irritation free every day!  We know our Hair eRazor products will keep all trans genders feeling good about themselves from head to toe!

Sensuously Yours,

Tina Kolinas

Licensed Aesthetician