Hair eRazor- Best Pubic Shaver You Will Ever Use

erazor-fuzion-pubic-shaversThere are a lot of different shavers on the market that claim to be pubic shavers such as Gillettes Body Cruz, or Phillips Body Groomer.  These trimmers will leave you disappointed, if you want baby smooth skin, every day.  Most shavers touted as body shavers are trimmers with very low guards.  A guard is the plastic cover put on a trimmer to ensure not cutting the hair too short.  But even without a guard, the trimmed pubic area will still need the final step, to take the resulting stubble to the silky smooth skin.  The Hair eRazor Pubic Shaver was designed to do just this!  Our special foil blade system, pulls the hair beneath the foil, and cuts the hair below the foil.  And voila’, smooth skin in seconds, without irritation, ingrown hairs or cuts.  And if we may say, at $24.88 and free shipping, our shaver beats the competition by being the lowest priced pubic shaver, along with a 2 year guarantee.  The Hair eRazor personal shaver is truly the best pubic shaver. for the best price and  guarantee.


Sensuously yours,

Tina Makeup Diva