Hair eRazor and Fresh Balls: A Match Made in Heaven

Did you know 99% of all men put up with smelly, sweaty balls?  That’s why we’ve paired our eRazor Fuzion with Fresh Balls. Sperm prefer a cooler enviorment than the body has to offer.  That’s why balls are outside the male body, and that’s why they sweat.  But what is a healthy, horney metro sexual, well groomed man to do?  Before crying to your therapist about losing ANOTHER GIRlFRIEND, try this duo out and we promise smooth sailing throughout the summer months and beyond.

Our Hair eRazor pubic shaver will keep the smell and sweat at bay, by providing you with the fastest and economical way to keep genatilia free of hair.  All hair attracts dirt and bacteria, contributing to the less than attractive ball odor.  The removal of hair will also help with sweating, as this removal aids in keeping the area cool and comfortable.

Once the hair is removed, we suggest an application of Fresh Balls.  This is a natural product, formulated to keep private areas dry, and solve the persperation problem in the groin area. The product dries quickly and leaves no powdery residue in your pants.  Brilliant!

So if part of your summer time blues has been sweaty and smelly balls, get the Hair eRazor and Fresh Balls.  You’ll soon be singing a different tune, like, “Everything is Coming Up Roses” !!