Hair eRazor is the Best Ball Shaver

erazor fuzion personal shaver

Introducing the New eRazor Fuzion Personal Shaver


You are ready to take the plunge!  Your lover is dying to lick smooth baby soft balls like never before!  Just one problem, you’re afraid of cutting the family jewels.  The best and safest way to take care of shaving your balls is to use a rotary foil shaver, like the Hair eRazor. Our shaver gently coaxes ball hair under the foil head and cuts the hair underneath the foil.  The result is a smooth you won’t believe without the fear of ever cutting yourself! There is no more squatting to get the underside of the ball sack either.  Just pull the scrotum toward the body and let the Hair eRazor pubic shaver do it’s job.  And even if you can’t see past the sack to the taint, it’s no problem.  The Hair eRazor  personal shaver promises to never cut, pull or nick this very delicate skin.  All this for $24.88 and free shipping!  It’s a deal that can’t be beat!


Sensuously Yours,

Tina Makeup Diva