Hottest trends in sexy swimwear for 2013

Summer is here! Shopping for the perfect swimsuit or bikini for the season is in order. However, before you go baring it all in your sexy swimwear, you’ll want to make sure you’re sporting a pretty kitty; that means a clean shaved bikini line. How embarrassing would it be to be wearing the hottest swimsuit for 2013 and have razor burn or ingrown hair? Not attractive!


Express yourself with the onyx, cobalt and ruby color options.Without going into too much detail, we recommend our eRazor Fuzion Personal Shaver with built-in Trimmer. Specifically designed to shaver pubic hair, trim bikini areas, shave your legs, and simply grooming your sexy body.


Now that you’re bikini area is clean shaved,
let us tell you…


sexy sheer bikini's need a bikini trimmer and shaved bikini area


The 2012 bikini trend is showing up on the hottest beaches all over the world!  The Micro Shear Bikini, Sheer When Wet Bikini, Mesh Bikinis…this trendy swim suit expose can definitely be called the BARE MINIMUM!

A picture says a thousand words doesn’t it?  Sexy, sheer, turn on, wet, shaven, desire… are you seeing yourself in this picture?  I can.  And if this sun exposure is too risqué for your persona, you can bring the show to an audience of one in the bedroom. Again, we do recommend using our eRazor Fuzion pubic shaver everyday, to keep the star of the show ready for her close-up.




sequined bikini's need a bikini trimmer and shaved bikini area


With a sprinkling of sparkling crystals and enough daring plunges and hip-hugging bottoms to cause an impromptu poolside party. Delicately-detailed beaded swimwear provides a healthy dose of shimmer and glimmer to summer, adorning already-amazing styles of designer swimwear.

Proving that edgy swimwear can also be elegant and enchanting, our beaded bathing suits, monokinis and bikinis are as pretty as they are sexy and stylish. You can have it all in beaded swimsuits that are fun to wear in the water or lazily lounging about, or hitting up the dayclubs in Vegas. There’s no denying the allure of crystal embellishment. And there’s possibly no place more suited for a flash of fun and frivolity than the sea or Las Vegas Dayclubs.



one shoulder bikini need a bikini trimmer and shaved bikini area


Sometimes less is more, and that is definitely the case with one shoulder swimsuits. A one shoulder swimsuit allows you to have your cake and eat it too: you often get a look similar to a strapless swimsuit with the support of a one-piece swimsuit. A one shouldered swimsuit provides visual interest as a one-shouldered swimsuit is not something everyone has.

The one shoulder feature looks great on bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and monokinis, making the one shoulder look a trend for everyone. One shoulder swimwear also allows you to easily pull down the one shoulder to avoid tan lines, but still provides ample coverage so that no wardrobe malfunctions occur. Everyone needs a one shoulder bikini, one shoulder monokini, or one shoulder one-piece in their life.


geometric print swinsuits need a bikini trimmer and shaved bikini area


It’s high time we thought about sunning ourselves on the sand so the question is how to do it fashionably and according to the runway trends? A cut-away one-piece!

The cut-out one piece swimsuit is a must-have swimwear trend for summer 2012 (especially the ones with baring side cut-outs, the belly baring type or with a deep V-neckline). Either plain which means black in particular or boldly printed, the cut-out swimsuit will help you stand out on the beach this summer! It’s clear that patterns have taken spring summer 2012 runways by the storm so a floral print and an animal print are also very coveted styles this time.

fringe-top bikinis need a bikini trimmer and shaved bikini areaGRADUATE WITH TASLES.

Bring a flirty flash of the Wild West to a pool, hot tub or beach near you with fringe bikinis and swimsuits with fringe! While fringe bikinis are oh-so-now in the world of summer fashion, their appeal goes beyond their current status as a terrific trend. After all – they didn’t climb their way to the top accidentally!

No matter the occasion, there’s no denying the eye-catching, exciting nature of a fringe bikini top. It moves with you as you walk, sways a bit in the breeze, fans out wonderfully across the water. In short, it’s a good time and you look great wearing it – a win-win!


sext cut-out swimsuits need a bikini trimmer and shaved bikini areaPRINT IT LIKE ITS KINKOS!

Shoppers have gravitated to neon colors and tribal prints for a couple seasons, but this summer romantic florals and playful unexpected prints are trending.

Floral prints are popular with customers who shop at the nationwide. I don’t think there is a single girl out there who wasn’t virtually obsessed with all things whimsical and fantasy as a child.  Actually if you are anything like me then you probably still are!  One of my favorite bikini trends this season is Whimsical prints and patterns.  When it comes to bikinis, there is nothing better then a fanciful whimsical print made into a super sexy and figure-flattering bikini, monokini or one piece.







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