Lumbersexual Guys Still Need to Manscape

What is a lumbersexual? It’s another trendy phrase, compliments of Hollywood, used to explain a look for men with beards, boots and flannel shirts. This look really looks much better on a fair haired gent, as dark haired dudes start to look a lot like the members of Isis with the look. At Hair eRazor our Hair eRazor Fuzion personal shaver can easily keep beard hair trimmed and neck hair lines sharp, two details that keep the Lumbersexual look from getting shabby.  Of course all men want to manscape, even Lumbersexuals, to express their own look “down there” too.  Women who love Lumbersexuals, love the contrast of the bearded face and the joy of a smooth scrotum wanting to be licked!  And that’s loved by every man!  So get the look and feel the love, with your Personal Pubic Hair Remover, HaireRazor.

Sensuously yours,