Keep Your Brazilian Wax Smooth Forever with Hair eRazor

brazilian wax maintenence erazor microtrimmerNow, you’ve gotten your first Brazilian Wax. You love the feel and sensuousness of being bare. But it’s only been three days and your hair is growing back already!  But they said it would last two to three weeks!  Well, surprise, surprise, hair grows at different rates, so here comes the hair that was just about ready to emerge. So much for that Brazilian wax! This problem has a simple answer, use the eRazor Fuzion pubic shaver to keep your genital areas hair free virtually forever. The Hair eRazor was designed to remove stubble, or regrowth from all intimate areas of the body.

We also suggest getting our Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer Pen for newbies. Fitted with titanium blades, our trimmers are guaranteed not to bite the back, sac, and crack. And you’ll really enjoy it’s seamless perfection when keeping the inner labia free of hair too! So, rather than spending another $65.00 for a Brazilian Wax,  get an intimate hair removal kit, like our Bare-it-all Shaver Kit, and do it yourself.  Or better yet, have your lover do it for you.

Sensuously yours,

Tina, Licensed Aesthetician