What makes a great lube?

Now that’s a good question, but, great lube is a matter of personal choice, and what you are going to use the lube for. For dry shaving and vaginal dryness there is none smoother than our Sinsational Lube.  One of the most important factors one chooses a lube for, is it’s slip capability.  This means that your hand, or shaver, moves more easily against the skin, decreasing friction and ensuring no irritation on the most sensitive skins. And for vaginal dryness, and it’s pain, it is a God Send!  And the reason why it so great in the rack is because it lasts and lasts.  All lubes eventually evaporate, and you want to get a lube that can go the distance.  And Sinsational is a marathon runner!  Try putting some all over his body and use your body for the massage.  He’s moaning in moments!


Tina Kolinas,
Licensed Aesthetician

Owner, Hairerazor.com