Olympic Swimmer Hair Removal

Many athletes ask, “Why do hair removal from my body?” And preceding that question, why would athletes want to remove body hair anyway? The athletes that can benefit from nano-second aerodynamic, or rather hydrodynamic improvements, are swimmers. Swimmer hair removal has a long history of the “shave and taper” system before big swim meets. Cyclists have noted that hair-free legs improve wound healing should they fall and get road rash. Another claim is that smooth legs are easier to massage. The oils and lotions don’t get all gummed up in hair and it simply feels better to have a massage on smooth legs, rather than hairy legs. Some may claim increases in performance—that smooth legs are more aerodynamic. However, the performance gains seem to be in the nano-second range.

Why didn’t Michael Phelps and other swimmers more thoroughly shave their facial hair before swimming?

While cyclists typically shave only legs (usually up to the short-line), swimmers de-forest the entire body. They shave any area not covered by a swim suit. With the new, full-body swim suits, where the hair removal starts and stops is more variable. “Fitness Swimming” by Emmett Hines is more for established swimmers. He offers tips for swimmers, how to shave time from your laps and improve strokes. At a Grand Prix meet in Charlotte, N.C., in May, backstroker Nick Thoman swam with a beard, Phelps had a scruffy face and an unshaven body, while Ryan Lochte competed in a skimpy brief. Not exactly what you saw in London, where sleek, shaven swimmers competed in the latest compression racing suits. Lack of hair has nothing to do with speed for swimmers (or very little). When you shave your body, you are not only removing hair, but the layer of dead skin cells on the top of your skin as well. The idea is to remove all of the gunk and buildup on your skin so that when you enter the water, it feels different. Basically, all of the stimulation gives your body a shot of endorphins when you dive into the pool (kind of like steroids, without the drugs). That is why people swim faster after just shaving.




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