FINALLY!! The Seiko CleanCut and Body Bare in one personal shaver!!

woochi’s review

5 out of 5-stars
Posted on Feb 28, 2012
Reviews: 1
Pros: Rotary shaver built-in trimmer with built-in charger
Cons: I had to get an adapter for our outlet, but that goes with everything from the US.
Overall: I’ve been lugging around two separate devices to shave, so I was excited to see that they finally brought the two together. It was a hassle having to shave my stubble down with the trimmer just so I could use the shaver. Now I just travel with one! And I love that they have color options now. I have the black one, and I just got a second red one for my wife. Now I don’t worry about shaving my face with the shaver she uses for her pubes, HAHAHA!!


Well, thank you Woochi!

australian shaver or european shaverBecause of your post, we decided to put together a nice lil’ kit for our friends around the world. We are now selling the eRazor Fuzion Personal Shaver/Trimmer along with our All-in-one Universal Travel Adapter, plus shipping, for only $66.88. We hope this will continue to make our personal shavers the 1# Australian Personal Shaver of choice!

Visit the International eRazor Fuzion Shaver/Trimmer Kit page to learn more.

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  • Due to the popular demand in Australia, each order of eRazor Fuzion comes with a FREE Us-to-AU adapter!!! You no longer have to purchase out International or Australian Kit.