Shaving Tips for Teens- From Your First Shave to Ingrown Hairs

teach teens how to shave pubic sreaNow that you’re hitting puberty, you might notice your hair starting to come in places that you’ve never seen hair before — under your armpits, around your groin, on your belly, legs and arms. Guys will start to notice some on their face, chest and maybe even on the back. All the extra hair is the result of hormones, which kick in at puberty.  And yes, you will start growing hair around your genital area. Here are a few shaving tips for teens that will come in handy.

It’s about this time that teens want to start grooming,  just like their older counterparts.  But like a virgin, be gentle with your skin.  Virgin skin that is not used to being shaved is more prone to irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs.  Ingrown hairs occur because of the conventional shaving blade scraping the skin.  The skin reacts to this irritation by increasing  its production, or put more simply, thickens.  This thickening often completely covers the pore, keeping the  hair trapped under the surface of the skin.  If not removed properly, the ingrown hair can become infected, often times leaving scarring and hyper pigmentation in it’s wake.  Don’t let this happen to your teen!  This discomfort can be completely avoided!  Just introduce your child to the Hair eRazor.  It’s unique design cuts body hair without causing in grown hairs.  WHY?  Because our blades never touch the skin.  The rotary foil design of the Hair erazor lifts the hair through the foil and cuts the hair behind the foil.  The skin is always protected.  Of course this fabulous new shaver technology works for all ages.



You didn’t buy a Hair erazor and now you have an ingrown hair.  What do you do?

First, do not squeeze the in grown hair!!  You will more than likely spread the infection.  Please take a warm face cloth on the infected area for 5 minutes..  This will allow the skin to absorb moisture and soften the tissue.  Then take a lancet, and ( please no heated sewing pins, they are not sterile.) very gently push the edges of the infection together, creating a mound.  Quickly prick the site.  Do not squeeze.  If the area is ready, the infection will ooze freely from the newly made passageway.  Place alchohol or any other sanitizing and drying agent to the skin.  Now, take your lancet and gently lift the hair throught the opening.  If the ingrown hair does not easily poke through the skin, rest the  infected area and repeat the procedure the following day.  Slow but sure will always produce the best results!


                                                                               HAVE NEVER SHAVED DOWN THERE BEFORE..What do I do?

boyshavingfaceWell, boys… you’re in luck! We’ve  written an entire blog showing guys   How to Shave Your Genitals. But first, let us start with this: shaving is your way of exercising good hygiene. Good hygiene is attractive for everyone, including yourself. Read our blog about Being Man Enough to Manscape to read more about bodygrooming.  It’s what’s in style that makes the girls smile!!!!!








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