The eRazor MicroTrimmer

Encased in sexy black aluminum the MicroTrimmer is designed to last and comes with titanium hardened blades, a long-lasting Japanese motor, cleaning brush, and a velvet carrying pouch. You also get a FREE double-sided trimmer comb which allows you to trim close or leave hair a little longer. You can even pop open the cutter head so that you can clean and oil or replace the Titanium blades and keep them in optimum condition. You simply can’t do this with the cheap plastic lookalikes that often cost much more. As a special offer we are giving you a BONUS set of TITANIUM sharp replacement blades; a $9.95 value, for FREE. Other trimmers, or even the T-bar Trimmers, do not even have replacement cutting heads available. And certainly not with Titanium sharp blades. Simply put – these cheapo trimmers are simply not designed to last long enough to need replacement blades.     If you feel that luxuriant nose and ear hair is attractive, then perhaps these are wasted words. Many feel that it is fashionable, maybe even a religious requirement, or just plain hygienic to be clean shaven or to trim and even shape, pubic hair. The eRazor MicroTrimmer does this with precision and accuracy, without any “bite” or taking off too much hair. Some male users shave their pubic hair completely apart from a small triangle or strip of hair above the penis, which enables increased clitoris stimulation and pleasure, during sex. Similarly ladies use this personal shaver to shave or sculpt their pubic hair even including the labia or “lips”, and the Microtrimmer does this without burn or bite. This pen sized MicroTrimmer is very durable and real value for money as the blades are replaceable. It is ideal for trimming hair growth like facial hair, eyebrows. You can also sculpt, and layer (using the free comb attachment) and remove areas of hair, like necklines, sideburns, bikini lines, trim mustaches, easily get at ear and nostril hair and other kinds of unsightly and unwanted hair growth. Most important it is very gentle on the most tender and intimate skin ” down there” like labia and...
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