Valentine’s Day Gifts That Stimulate Sexual Desire


Seducing all of the senses, is truly the goal of a Valentine’s Day Celebration.  The experienced lover knows that to create a mind blowing experience all the senses should be stimulated.  Scents have a powerful effect on romance.  Even years after a relationship is over, a whiff of a lovers’ cologne can bring back feelings and memories.

Taste is next, s0 don’t be shy and taste yourself.  Food and drink affects your liquid persona!  And did you know chocolate was found to have the most aphrodisiac quality than any other food?  So don’t forget the body chocolate!

Sound is often overlooked by many lovers because they are shy, but Valentine’s Day is a good day to start expressing your inner most sexual feelings to each other!  Everyone loves to hear an encouraging grunt and groan, as it tells your lover how good it feels.

We of course left the most important senses for last, touch and sight.  Shaving each other with our Hair eRazor Fuzion. is going to give him a woodie, just thinking about it!  To understand men’s fascination with “female shaving,” consider this: What makes exotic dancers physically different from the pretty girl sitting next to you at work?

The simple fact that she is an exotic dancer might give her extra sex appeal and magnetism, but the major difference is her clean-shaven genital area. This je-ne-sais-quoi effect of clean-shaven genitalia makes men everywhere go into fantasy mode.  And now, men realize that shaving each other has the same stimulation for women!  So to sum up your Valentine’s Day shopping list. Hair eRazor Pubic Shavers, scents, chocolate in any form, and the most important gift, your love.