What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Dark Arm Pits?

The Best Way to get rid of Dark Pits is to use the Hair eRazor Personal Shaver

teenage-girl-shaving-armpits-300x2031.jpgDark arm pits are usually caused by a combination of very dark thick coarse under arm hair, and a darkening of under arm skin.  The darkening of the under arm  is often caused by excessive shaving and application of chemical  laden deodorants.  I suggest to my clients that the best way to lighten the under arm area is to follow this regime:

1.  Use the Hair eRazor Personal Shaver instead of a blade.  Traditional blades scrape the skin. This contributes to hyperpigmentation.  Also coarse hairs are more closely shaven with the Hair eRazor than any other razor.

2.  Try using a crystal rock for your deodorant needs.  This natural way to stop body odor is not quite as effective as the store bought item, but once again, the natural deodorant does not cause the skin under the arm to darken.

3.  At bed time, apply a lightening cream or lemon juice to the under arm  2 to three times per week to lighten the darkened area.

A few weeks of this consistent treatment will have you looking hot in sleeveless and less!!!!

Sensuously yours,