Top X-rated Christmas Gifts for 2013

If you’re looking for the top X-rated Christmas Gifts for 2013, you’re in luck! The X-Rated Biz just put out their top picks for this years Merry Making.  This year’s theme was the the gift that gives to both partners under the mistle toe.


we-vibe 3 couples massager

Well right off the top The We Vibe #3  takes center stage. This couples massager, already the favorite of millions, has some new gadgets you’re going to love.  Remote control, 2 different motors, and 6 different massage settings should keep you enticed all year long. You can purchase the We Vibe #3  for only $109.00 and the shipping is on us!


Express yourself with the onyx, cobalt and ruby color options.eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver/Trimmer

And another great couple pleaser is our very own pubic shaver, eRazor Fuzion.  One shaving session together and you will find out what everyone is talking about.  Smooth supple genetalia, the light of the I do have to tell you, I don’t smoke, but I am on fire! Our personal shavers start at just $46.88, and we’ve got some great kits for extra savings.



FreshBalls Solution for Men

This years number one stocking stuffer was by far,  FRESH BALLS.  Every man’s balls sweat, it just depends how much.!  This product has been battle tested in Afghanistan, keeping our soldiers dry and comfortable even in 120 degrees and while carrying a 145 pound pack. We have the cheapest price on line at $12.00!!



Uberlube Intimacy Lubricant

And for the ladies stocking, UBERLUBE.   It’s expensive, luxurious, and matches her own wetness!  But she deserves the best?  Doesn’t she?  This love potion is a turn on as soon as it hits the body, never sticky, staining or messy, and dissipates when you are done using it!   What a fabulous finish.  Put UBERLUBE in her stocking for $18.00 per 50ml bottle, available with red bow, free!

Shop Hair this Christmas and save!


Sensuously yours,






The Ultimate Personal Shaving Kit:


  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  4. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  5. $17.95 – Rapid Battery Charger AC/USB
  6. $  6.99 – AA FujiCell NiMH Batteries (2-pack)
  7. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  8. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

A $161.24 value for only $119.95!



The Mangrooming Shaving Kit:

ultimate international pubic shaver kit for europe or australia

  1. $46.88 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $29.95 – 200mL SINsational shaving/massage oil
  5. $15.00 – 3oz Fresh Balls Solution for Men
  6. $ 8.99 – Universal Power Adapter with USB
  7. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

A $151.30 value for only $109.95!



Bare Essential Shaving Kit:


  1. $59.99 – eRazor Fuzion Pubic Shaver
  2. $19.99 – eRazor Maintenance Kit (blade and foil)
  3. $19.99 – Hair eRazor MicroTrimmer
  4. $10.50 – FREE Shipping in continental US

$110.47 Value, for only $69.95!
That’s over 30% OFF!






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